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Trunk Highway 36 marker

Trunk Highway 36
Route information
Maintained by MnDOT
Length21.718 mi[2] (34.952 km)
Major junctions
West end I-35W at Roseville
  MN 51 at Roseville
I-35E / US 10 at Little Canada
US 61 at Maplewood
MN 120 at North St. Paul, Oakdale
I-694 at Oakdale, Pine Springs
MN 95 at Oak Park Heights
East end WIS 64 at the St. Croix River,
the Minnesota — Wisconsin state line,
near Oak Park Heights, MN  — St. Joseph, WI
CountiesRamsey, Washington
Highway system
  • Minnesota Trunk Highways
I-35WMN 37

Minnesota State Highway 36 (MN 36) is a highway in Minnesota, which runs from its interchange with Interstate 35W in Roseville and continues east to its eastern terminus at the Wisconsin state line (near Stillwater), where it becomes Wisconsin Highway 64 upon crossing the St. Croix River at the St. Croix Crossing bridge. A portion of Highway 36 is a major freeway in suburban Minneapolis – Saint Paul.

Highway 36 is 22 miles (35 km) in length.

Route description[edit]

State Highway 36 serves as an east–west route between the cities of Roseville, Little Canada, Maplewood, North St. Paul, Oakdale, Oak Park Heights, and Stillwater.

Highway 36 is a limited-access freeway from its interchange with Interstate 35W in Roseville eastward to Interstate 35E in Little Canada, and about five miles beyond. The freeway section ends at its signal-controlled intersection with Minnesota State Highway 120 in North St. Paul. Highway 36 becomes an at-grade expressway at this point. For about four miles outside of the I-494 / 694 loop, the expressway section of Highway 36 has a speed limit of 65 MPH (105 km/h).

The intersection of Highway 36 and Margaret Street at North St. Paul in February 2003.

Highway 36 crosses the St. Croix River via the St. Croix Crossing bridge and becomes Wisconsin Highway 64 upon crossing the state line into Wisconsin.[3]


State Highway 36 was authorized in 1933. The route was paved by 1940.

From 1934 to 1982, Highway 36 used to be significantly longer. The route had turned southward along I-35W, Washington Avenue, and Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis; and connected to what is now State Highway 77 (Cedar Avenue Freeway). In Eagan, old Highway 36 had intersected the Chicago and North Western Railway at-grade, at the Nicols Station Crossing.[4] The section of old Highway 36 that ran along Washington and Cedar Avenues in Minneapolis was returned to county maintenance in 1982, and is currently a section of Hennepin County Road 152.

Highway 36 did not originally reach the Wisconsin state line at the St. Croix River. Part of old State Highway 212 in Oak Park Heights and Stillwater was renumbered as Highway 36 in 1983. This section of present-day Highway 36 still carries the old Highway 212 mile markers.[citation needed]

The section of Highway 36 in North St. Paul was closed in 2007 from April to September. The highway was rebuilt to freeway standards during this time between White Bear Avenue in Maplewood and Highway 120 (Century Avenue) in North St. Paul. The changes included grade-separated intersections with no interchanges or access within North St. Paul. The full closure in 2007 allowed the project to be completed more quickly and at a lower cost compared with a staged reconstruction. It also increased safety for construction workers. The Highway 36 reconstruction project in North St. Paul was completed in 2008. The budget of the project was $24 million.[5]

An interchange was constructed in 2014 at Highway 36 and Hilton Trail in Pine Springs. The project also included two roundabouts on Hilton Trail on either side of the highway, one at 60th Street North and another at an extension of Viking Drive.[6]

Prior to August 2017, upon reaching the St. Croix River Highway 36 merged with, and ran concurrent with Minnesota 95 north into downtown Stillwater. At Chestnut St Highway 36 turned east and crossed the St. Croix River on the historic Stillwater Lift Bridge. On August 2, 2017 the new St. Croix Crossing bridge opened and 36 now uses this bridge to cross into Wisconsin, eliminating its concurrency with MN 95.[7]

Major intersections[edit]

All exits are unnumbered.

I-35W to MN 280 – Minneapolis
CR 46 south (Cleveland Avenue)
CR 48 (Fairview Avenue)
1.2952.084 MN 51 (Snelling Avenue)
1.7702.849 CR 50 (Hamline Avenue) / Albert StreetEastbound access to Hamline Avenue via Albert and Commerce Streets
2.2723.656 CR 51 (Lexington Avenue)
3.2655.255 CR 53 (Dale Street)
Little Canada4.2756.880 CR 49 (Rice Street)Former MN 49
5.1218.241 I-35E / US 10 – St. PaulI-35 exits 111 A-B
5.7699.284 CR 58 (Edgerton Street)
Maplewood6.84411.014 US 61
7.32111.782English Street
CR 65 (White Bear Avenue)
North St. Paul9.29614.960 CR 68 (McKnight Road)
9.97916.060Margaret StreetWestbound exit only
county line
North St. PaulOakdale line10.46516.842 MN 120 (Century Avenue)End of limited access freeway
WashingtonOakdale11.27118.139 CSAH 35 (Hadley Avenue)
Pine Springs11.776–
I-694I-694 exits 52A-B
12.30319.800 CSAH 29 (Hilton Trail)Interchange
Lake Elmo15.7225.30 CSAH 17 (Lake Elmo Avenue)
Grant16.77526.997 CSAH 15 north (Manning Avenue)
Oak Park Heights17.57728.287 CSAH 5 / CSAH 15 south (Stillwater Boulevard)
18.21529.314Washington Avenue, Norell Avenue
18.76930.206 CR 66 (Greeley Street)
19.49431.373 CSAH 24 (Osgood Avenue)
20.49032.975 MN 95 (St. Croix Trail)
St. Croix RiverSt. Croix Crossing; Minnesota-Wisconsin state line
WIS 64 eastContinuation into Wisconsin
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


Route map:

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