Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol

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Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol
Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol logo.png
The Minnesota Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, the United States Air Force Auxiliary
Associated branches
United States Air Force
Command staff
CommanderUS-O6 insignia.svg Col James A. Garlough, CAP
Vice CommanderUS-O5 insignia.svg Lt Col William Heinz, CAP
Chief of StaffUS-O4 insignia.svg Maj Blane Pierson, CAP US-O3 insignia.svg Capt James Jagow, CAP
Current statistics
Total Membership1469
Statistics as of Aug 28, 2018[1]

Minnesota Wing, Civil Air Patrol (MNWG) is one of 52 Wings (50 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C.) of the Civil Air Patrol (the official United States Air Force Auxiliary) and helps fulfill the Civil Air Patrol's core missions in Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs, and Emergency Services.

Minnesota Wing is headquartered in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. The Wing is divided into four Groups. Each Group is, in turn, made up of 4 to 7 Squadrons. Minnesota Wing currently has 23 squadrons located throughout the state.[2]

Aerospace Education[edit]

MNWG has been recognized nationally by National Headquarters CAP for outstanding performance with the Aerospace Education program.

The week-long North Central Region flight academy is held each summer in Mankato, Minnesota. Cadets have the option of attending a course focused on powered flight, or one focused on glider flight. In either school, cadets have the opportunity to log up to 20 hours of flight time, as well as solo should they demonstrate proficiency.

Cadet Programs[edit]

Most squadrons in MNWG include cadets (as either a Composite Squadron or a Cadet Squadron). North Hennepin Squadron in Crystal, Minnesota holds the distinction as being the first squadron in the nation to have a cadet program. Currently, there are 662 cadets in the Wing.

Minnesota holds an annual Encampment at Camp Ripley. Encampment is a 7- to 10-day cadet training activity that typically consists of between 80-100 students and 40 cadet staff. Encampment is held in mid- to late-Summer and is targeted for new (typically, first-year) cadets in the program, as well as providing opportunities for advanced cadets seeking management training.

Additionally, a weekend of training focused on leadership known as the Minnesota Leadership Academy (MLA) is held each October at Camp Ripley for four days. It is divided into three schools, each specific to the rank and leadership level of the cadets attending.

Emergency Services[edit]

Minnesota Wing operates 19 aircraft (Cessna 172 and Cessna 182 airframes) along with trained ground teams to support operations in Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief, and Homeland Security.

Legal protection[edit]

Employers within the borders of Minnesota are required by law to provide employees who are also members of the Civil Air Patrol an unpaid leave of absence from employment when these employees are responding to a Civil Air Patrol mission, unless the leave would "unduly disrupt the operations of the employer."[3]


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