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Minnie Weisz
Minnie Weisz portrait.jpg
Born London
Occupation Artist, Photographer

Minnie Weisz is a British artist specialising in the camera obscura technique.


Weisz received an MA in Communication Art and Design at the Royal College of Art and BA Graphic and Media Design at London College of Printing.[1]

Weisz specialises in the camera obscura technique. She adapts this method to turn entire rooms into cameras, across Europe. She has described herself (with respect to her artistic activity) as an architectural detective.[2] The buildings of Kings Cross, London Weisz documented at the start of regeneration.[1][3][4][5][6]

Weisz's studio is located in King’s Cross, north London. Weisz has curated group and solo shows with Tom Foulsham, Caroline Collinge, Carl Hopgood and Poetry evenings with poet and writer Jeremy Reed, and the voice of King's Cross Aidan Andrew Dun. Minnie Weisz Studio has created workshops in early 19th century photographic processes: ambrotype and collodion process with France Scully Osterman and Mark Osterman, Jo Gane.

Weisz curates group exhibitions with multi-disciplinary artists - off-site exhibitions in unique spaces in London prior to their re-development: The Culross Buildings, The Great Northern Hotel, King's Cross; The Express Dairy Depot, Wakefield St, Bloomsbury; The Albion Stables, King's Cross; alongside collaborations with the London Architecture Biennale, London Festival of Architecture, The London Photography Festival and The London Street Photography Festival 2011.[7]


  • Group exhibition, INHABIT,[8][9][10] with Nicolas Gonzalez, Dani Marti, Kit Merritt, Sarah Roeskin, James White, Maca Yanez and Eric Schockmel curated by Lee Cavaliere July 2011 at 92 White Post lane,London.
  • Eye Dream contained a series of photographs of romantic decay, of the mid-19th-century Fish and Coal building, King's Cross at Simon Finch Art, London, 2005.[1]
  • Kings Cross as Camera Obscura a solo show at The Albion Stables, Balfe Street, London, 2006.
  • Urban Fairy Tale film installation, Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair, 2007.
  • Ubi sunt, 2011.[11][12]
  • Art Rotterdam Revisited, Van Kranendonk Gallery, the Netherlands 2014
  • Inside Out, W T C Gallery, The Hague, the Netherlands, 2013.
  • Capriccio III, Van Kranendonk Gallery The Hague, The Netherlands, 2013.
  • Views with a Room Julian Hartnoll Gallery, London, 2013.
  • Camera Obscura, Artist residency at The London Film Museum 2013.
  • Camera Obscura Gallery Makina with Pula Film Festival, Istria, Croatia, 2013.
  • Key to the City, Sutej Foundation Motovun, Istria, Croatia, 2014.
  • Kunstliefde, Utrecht The Netherlands, 2014.
  • Shuffle Herrick Gallery Mayfair, 2016.
  • Wunderkammer III during the Rencontres d'Arles Photography Festival, Galerie Huit Arles, 2016.

Curated exhibitions[edit]

  • Weisz curated an exhibition of works upon the subject of buildings and their stories of Bloomsbury as part of the London Festival of Architecture[13] called The Diary of a derelict Dairy, The Express Dairy Depot, Bloomsbury 2008/prior to re-development. 20 June-20 July 2008.[14]
  • Emmett Walsh–Paris Correspondence School @ Trove:Birmingham & Minnie Weisz Studio: London[15]
  • Creative Machines, Minimalist Sculpture at The Event Festival, Birmingham curated by Weisz and Charlie Levine, 2011.
  • An exhibition of 14 Artists, Architects, at 'The Diary of a Derelict Dairy. 2008 Group show curated by Minnie Weisz Studio, London Festival of Architecture


Editor with Rizzoli International Publications :

  • WKW The Cinema of Wong Kar Wai by John Powers. Co-edited by Weisz, 2016.
  • Matthew Williamson by Colin McDowell. Edited by Weisz, 2010.
  • Norman Parkinson A Very British Glamour by Louise Baring. Designed by Lee Swillingham/Suburbia. Edited by Weisz, 2009.
  • Narciso Rodriguez by Betsy Berne. Co-edited by Weisz, 2008.
  • A Picture History of the Grenvilles of Rosedale House by Mary Yelloly. Lyndsey Stainton. Preface by Simon Finch, Helena Bonham-Carter. Designed and edited by Weisz, 2007.


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