Mino Reitano

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Mino Reitano

Mino Reitano (December 7, 1944 – January 27, 2009) was an Italian singer and actor.

Reitano was born to a poor family in Fiumara, a small village near Reggio Calabria. he studied at the conservatory at Reggio for eight years, learning piano, trumpet, and violin. At a young age, he moved with his brothers to Germany, where he played with his brothers in a band. After performing at the Castrocaro Music Festival, he was offered a contract with Italian label Dischi Ricordi, and in 1967 he participated for the first time at the Sanremo Festival. His first big hit was 1968's "Avevo un cuore (che ti amava tanto)".

Reitano died in Monza aged 64 of intestinal cancer, after a long period of illness.[1][2]