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Minocher Bhandara (died June 15, 2008[1]), popularly known as Minoo, was a Pakistani businessman and former minority representative and member of the National Assembly of Pakistan (MNA).[2] He belonged to the small Gujarati-speaking Zoroastrian community.[3]


Bhandara was the brother of Pakistani novelist, Bapsi Sidhwa. His father owned a liquor shop on the Mall in Lahore.

His son, Isphanyar Bhandara, is the current CEO of Murree Brewery.[4]


He was the architect and owner of one of the most successful and durable business conglomerates in Pakistan. Amongst his companies was the Murree Brewery, which his father had bought a control share in during the 1940s.[5]


He leaves behind a legacy of enlightened political activism. Bhandara, was active as a minority representative and served as MNA from 16 November 2002 to 15 November 2007.[6]

Minoo also wrote articles in the country's English language newspapers.[7]


He died in Islamabad on Sunday June 15, 2008 at the age of 71, due to complications as a result of a serious car accident in China several weeks earlier.[8]


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