Minolta AL-F

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Minolta AL-F
Minolta AL-F.jpg
Type 35mm rangefinder camera
Lens mount fixed
Focus manual
Exposure manual

The Minolta AL-F was a rangefinder camera launched by Minolta in 1967.

The AF had an automatic mode for flash photography ("Easy Flash"). Therefore it had a guide number selector. A hot shoe for the flash gave further ease of flash usage. For manual exposure selection it offered shutter priority mode with preselection of five exposure times from 1/30 sec to 1/500 sec. The frame viewfinder was coupled to a superimposed rangefinder and had a mechanical horizontal parallax correction. For vertical parallax only a parallax arrow. The CdS exposure meter's aperture value proposal for the automatic aperture was visible through the finder, at the right side of the viewfinder image. The lens, a Rokkor 1:2,7/38mm, had only 4 elements in three groups, and a Seiko shutter. The meter's "eye" was placed within the filter ring of the lens.


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