Minoo Station

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Minoo Station

Minoo Station (箕面駅, Minoo-eki) is a terminal on the Hankyu Railway Minoo Line in Minoo, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Trains depart regularly, about every 10 minutes. During autumn, spring and other festival events the Minoo line becomes particularly crowded with sightseeing visitors.


There are two platforms with two tracks on the ground level.

1, 2  Minoo Line for Ishibashi, Osaka (Umeda), Takarazuka, Kobe and Kyoto
  • Line 1 is usually used for trains for Ishibashi, however used for trains for Osaka in the rush hours. Line 2 is used for trains for Ishibashi in the rush hours and the outing seasons.


  • Minoo River (箕面川)
  • Minoo Onsen (箕面温泉)
  • Ryūan-ji (瀧安寺)

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Hankyu Minoo Line (HK-59)
Makiochi (HK-58)   Local   Terminus
Makiochi (HK-58)   Semi-Express   Terminus

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