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Minor Ventures was a venture capital firm that backs early-stage tech and media companies. The company was founded in 2005 by CNET co-founder Halsey Minor and run by Ron Palmeri from its founding until August 2010. The firm was based in San Francisco, California.[1][2]


As of December 2007, Minor Ventures had assisted the following companies:[3]

  • 8020 Publishing — Produces the hybrid web-print magazines JPG and Everywhere.
  • GrandCentral — A web-based service allowing users to use a single phone number with multiple devices; acquired by Google in July 2007, relaunched in March 2009 as Google Voice.
  • Kareo — A web-based billing service for physicians.
  • Minor Studios — A currently defunct creative studio responsible for the game Atmosphir.
  • OpenDNS — A free DNS service provider.
  • Paxfire — An ad revenue service for ISPs.
  • Swivel — An online community for sharing data, graphs, and maps.
  • Scout Labs — A social media monitoring & analysis service launched in February 2009.


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