Minor automotive manufacturing groups

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There are many Automobile manufacturers that are mostly regional, or operating in niche markets. The list below are several examples of the "smaller" car companies.

Marque Country
AC Cars( United Kingdom)
AC United Kingdom
Aftab Automobiles ( Bangladesh)
Aftab Bangladesh
Agrale( Brazil)
Agrale Brazil
Alexander Dennis( United Kingdom)
Alexander Dennis * United Kingdom
Plaxton United Kingdom
Alpina( Germany)
Alpina Germany
Ariel Ltd( United Kingdom)
Ariel United Kingdom
Ascari Cars( United Kingdom)
Ascari United Kingdom
Askam Kamyon İmalat ve Ticaret AŞ ( Turkey)
Askam Turkey
Aston Martin Lagonda Limited ( United Kingdom)
Aston Martin United Kingdom
B Engineering ( Italy)
Edonis Italy
Bertone ( Italy)
Bertone Italy
Bohdan ( Ukraine)
Bohdan Ukraine
Bristol ( United Kingdom)
Bristol United Kingdom
Bufori Motor Car Company ( Malaysia)
Bufori Malaysia
Caterham ( United Kingdom)
Caterham United Kingdom
Coda( United States)
Coda United States
Ceymo Automobile Manufacturers ( Sri Lanka)
Ceymo Sri Lanka
Dennis Eagle ( United Kingdom)
Dennis United Kingdom
DINA Camiones S.A. de C.V. ( Mexico)
DINA Mexico
DR Motor Company ( Italy)
DR Italy
Electron corporation ( Ukraine)
Electron Ukraine
Elfin Sports Cars ( Australia)
Elfin Australia
Fisker Automotive( United States)
Fisker United States
Force Motors Ltd ( India)
Force India
Fornasari ( Italy)
Fornasari Italy
Ginetta Cars( United Kingdom)
Ginetta United Kingdom
Grecav ( Italy)
Grecav Italy
Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group ( People's Republic of China)
Guangzhou China
Gumpert ( Germany)
Gumpert Germany
Hindustan Motors ( India)
Hindustan India
IKCO ( Iran)
Iran Khodro Iran
Isdera ( Germany)
Isdera Germany
Jetcar ( Germany)
Jetcar Germany
KAMAZ ( Russia)
KAMAZ Russia
Kutaisi Automotive Plant ( Georgia)
KAZ Georgia (country)
Koenigsegg ( Sweden)
Koenigsegg Sweden
KrRAZ ( Ukraine)
KrAZ Ukraine
Landwind ( China)
Landwind China
LAZ ( Ukraine)
LAZ Ukraine
Loremo ( Germany)
Loremo Germany
March 30th Works( North Korea)
? North Korea
Marcopolo S.A.( Brazil)
Marcopolo Brazil
Mastrettadesign Tecnoidea S.A. de C.V. ( Mexico)
Mastretta Mexico
MAZ ( Belarus)
MAZ Belarus
McLaren Automotive ( United Kingdom)
McLaren United Kingdom
Micro Cars ( Sri Lanka)
Micro Sri Lanka
Mitsuoka Motors ( Japan)
Mitsuoka Japan
Morgan Motor Company ( United Kingdom)
Morgan United Kingdom
National Electric Vehicle Sweden ( Sweden)
Saab Sweden
Noble Automotive ( United Kingdom)
Noble United Kingdom
Optare Group, Ltd( United Kingdom)
Optare United Kingdom
Orca ( Liechtenstein)
Orca Liechtenstein
Pagani Automobili S.p.A. ( Italy)
Pagani Italy
PAZ ( Russia)
PAZ Russia
Panoz ( United States)
Panoz United States
Perodua ( Malaysia)
Perodua Malaysia
Pininfarina S.p.A. ( Italy)
Pininfarina Italy
Proto Motors ( South Korea)
Proto South Korea
Pragoti ( Bangladesh)
Pragoti Bangladesh
Pyeonghwa Motors ( North Korea)
Pyeonghwa North Korea
Pyongsang( North Korea)
Pyongsang North Korea
REVA ( India)
REVA India
SAIPA ( Iran)
SeAZ ( Russia)
SeAZ Russia
Shaanxi Automobile Group ( China)
Shaanxi China
Shijiazhuang Shuanghuan Automobile Co ( China)
Shuanghuan China
Sin Cars ( Germany)
Sin Germany
Spyker N.V. ( Netherlands)
Spyker Netherlands
Sungri( North Korea)
Sungri North Korea
TD2000 ( Malaysia)
TD2000 Malaysia
Tesla Motors ( United States)
Tesla United States
Tomcar Australia ( Australia)
Tomcar Australia Australia
Tofaş ( Turkey)
Fiat Turkey
TVR Motors Company, Ltd( United Kingdom)
TVR United Kingdom
Wiesmann ( Germany)
Wiesmann Germany
Wrightbus ( United Kingdom)
Wrightbus United Kingdom
Yes! Roadster ( Germany)
Yes! Germany
Venturi ( Monaco)
Venturi Monaco
ZAZ ( Ukraine)
ZAZ Ukraine