Minoru Kawasaki (film director)

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Minoru Kawasaki (河崎実), born 15 August 1958 is a Japanese film director, screenwriter and producer. He is known for his low budget, absurdist comedy films.

Kawasaki began his career with some self-financed films, including Iko the Earth Patrol Girl, and manga to live action adaptions, before working on Ultraman Tiga. He had his first hit with Calamari Wrestler, a film about a wrestler who becomes a large squid. He followed this up with Executive Koala, featuring a koala office worker who may have murdered his wife, Kabuto-O Beetle, another wrestling movie, this time with a giant stag beetle. In 2006, he released Everyone But Japan Sinks (a parody of Japan Sinks) and Crab Goalkeeper, a movie Kawasaki describes as being like Forrest Gump.

Kawasaki also directed 2008's The Monster X Strikes Back/Attack the G8 Summit, a sequel to the 1967 kaiju film The X from Outer Space. While the original is played straight the sequel is a parody.