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Minoru Kojima (born 11 October 1968) was the original guitarist for Japanese experimental punk band The Mad Capsule Markets. He is also known as Scene or Shin Murohime, which is apparently a conglomeration of characters from the names of different Boøwy members. He started The Mad Capsule Markets (which at the time was called Berrie) in 1985, with vocalist Hiroshi Kyono, in an attempt to create "loud, punk music" after becoming "bored" with music played on television and radio. After the release of Mad's Noël Coward Humanity, Minoru left the band and was replaced by "support guitarist" Ai Ishigaki. In 1991 Minoru started Die in Cries and in 1994 became a member of The Bloody Imitation Society. Over the years Minoru worked with more bands and even went solo for a short time before returning to Mad to play on "Good Day" from their album 010 and playing on their "Cistm Konfliqt" tour.

Minoru also involves himself in co-arranging music for other artists including Tetsuya and Chieko Kawabe. He has also played guitar on Aikawa Nanase's album 7 Seven and her mini album R.U.O.K.?! alongside former hide with Spread Beaver members - I.N.A., K.A.Z, Chirolyn, D.I.E, "Crazy" Cool Joe from Dead End and Pata from X Japan. He is also a member of Bug, with his former Die in Cries band mate and D'erlanger front man, Kyo. Minoru currently performs with the band Spin.



Title Release date Label
Poison Revolution 198?

The Mad Capsule Markets[edit]

Title Release date Label
Government Wall January 8, 1990 Insect Noise
Humanity October 1, 1990 Insect Noise

Optic Nerve[edit]

Title Release date Label
Abstraction September 10, 1991

Die in Cries[edit]

Bloody Imitation Society[edit]


Title Release date Label
Bugmania June 26, 2002 Cutting Edge

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