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Minoru Mukaiya in 2008

Minoru Mukaiya (向谷 実 Mukaiya Minoru?, born 20 October 1956) is a Japanese musician best known as the former keyboardist of the jazz fusion band Casiopea and producer of the Train Simulator series of Japanese video games.

Mukaiya joined Casiopea in 1979 and remained in the group until their hiatus in 2006. Since leaving the band he has created his own musical production team, "Mukaiya Club." He also serves as the President and CEO of the company Ongakukan, which produces professional train simulators for Japanese transit systems and has distributed video games to the general public.


(For a list of works by the band Casiopea, see Casiopea#Discography.)

Solo works[edit]

  • Welcome to Minoru's Land (1985)
  • Tickle The Ivory (1993)
  • Sega Rally 2: Rearrange Album (1999)



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