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Birth name 최민호
Born (1983-02-17) February 17, 1983 (age 34)
Origin Republic of Korea
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, composer, lyricist, producer
Years active 1999–Present
Labels Brand New Music
Associated acts The Quiett, Rhyme -A-, E SENS, Kebee
Birth name
Revised Romanization Choe Min-ho
McCune–Reischauer Ch'oe Min-ho
Stage name
Hangul 마이노스
Revised Romanization Mainosu
McCune–Reischauer Minosu

Minos (Hangul: 마이노스), born as Choi Minho (Hangul: 최민호), is a rapper of the Republic of Korea, under the Korean hip hop label, Brand New Music. He specialises in the production of hip hop. Minos arrived to the Korean hip hop scene when he debuted with the Korean hip hop team, Virus, as a member back in 1999, alongside Mecca, who is not in the hip hop scene anymore.[1]


Minos was born in Daegu (Hangul: 대구), Republic of Korea, on February 27, 1983.[2]


Minos made his debut, alongside Mecca, with the Korean hip hop team, Virus (Hip hop team). This hip hop team was formed in 1999 in a Club called HEAVY, under the Project called 'Hiphop Train'. Virus continued to release their first EP(extended play), back in 2003, and represented Korea with their philosophical and poetic lyrics, almost becoming 'story-tellers'.[3] The activity of Virus is currently passive and is on a hiatus. The team had released a single album and an EP, in 2003. The album moved onto be re-issued again in 2006, and then came their hiatus because of Mecca's retirement.[4] However, Mecca had featured in a song called Gentleman's Quality : 건배, which was released in a project album by Minos in Nuol.


Minos moved on to be a part of the sub-unit, Eluphant, which was created by his independent Korean hip hop label, Soul Company, at the time. Eluphant consists of Soul Company's fellow rapper and co-founder, Kebee. Together, they moved on to release their first album together, which was christened Eluphant Bakery, and was released on April 19, 2006.[5] The album moved on to be re-issued in 2008.[6]

You’re Still Beautiful[edit]

You're Still Beautiful is one of the songs by Eluphant and was released in May 2011. The song is the work of many big names in the Korean hip hop industry. This is due to the fact that it was produced by Artisan Beats, the producer who is considered as one of the first generation of Korean hip hop.[7] This song features a piano melody by Brown Eyed Soul's Sung Hoon, and Serengeti‘s Jung Soo Wan and Yoo Jung Kyun also participated by playing the guitar and bass.[8] The song features 10CM‘s Kwon Jung Yeol.

Internal Project Team[edit]

Soul Company had created internal project production teams to be able to make things a lot easier. This includes covering every rappers' unique styles and being able to get them to the public. This was not an official team formation, but the reason is to unclear as to why Soul Company created the internal sub-units. Minos was part of many sub-units.[9] These include:

  • Soulman & Minos (Hangul: 소울맨 & 마이노스 )
  • Eluphant (Hangul: 이루펀트 )
  • Noise Mob (Hangul: 노이즈 맙)

List of all Minos' albums[edit]

  • Ugly Talkin' - [Released: February 19, 2008]
  • The Lost Files - [Released: July 8, 2009]
  • HUMANOID/HYPNOTICA - [Released: December 31, 2011]
  • Coffee Calls For A Cigarette - [Released: March 2, 2007]
  • Eluphant Bakery - [Released: April 19, 2006]
  • Man On The Earth - [Released: June 13, 2011]

Big hits[edit]

  • Take Me There (feat. MC Meta, SKEZ)
  • Gentleman's Quality : 건배 (feat. Mecca)
  • PINOCCHIO (feat. 넋업샨, Soulman)
  • Urban Nite (feat. Soulman, Amin.J)
  • Superstar
  • She Is Not Following You
  • 여전히 아름답네요 (You’re Still Beautiful)
  • Mr. 심드렁
  • Ophilia, Please Show Me Your Smile (Feat. Paloalto & 샛별)

Discography of Minos[edit]

Ugly Talkin' - Vol.1[edit]

  1. Stayin' Alive
  2. Ugly Talkin' (feat. Simon Dominic)
  3. Speakin' Trumpet (feat. 넋업샨)
  4. 말 많은 벙어리 (feat. Zito, Paloalto)
  5. 상처
  6. 바보닥터 (feat. 안치환, Kebee)
  7. What A Wonderful World (feat. Verbal Jint, Koonta)
  8. God Loves Ugly (feat. ReFeel)
  9. Unbelivable Punchline : 영등포 옥탑방
  10. Bite A Fake (feat. Simon Dominic, E-Sens, Dok2, DJ Pumpkin)
  11. Rap 인간형 (feat. DJ Pumpkin)
  12. Grab The Microphone (feat. Beatbox DG)
  13. Badboy Modeling Skool (feat. 하림)
  14. Vivid Dream (feat. 있다)
  15. Fade Out : Stolen Moments (feat. Soulman)

The Lost Files[edit]

  1. 21 Century Aliens
  2. Psycho Dumbo
  3. 네 멋대로 해라 (feat. XL)
  4. Drunken Figaro
  5. 사랑한다는 말 (feat. Junggigo aka Cubic)
  6. 햇볕이 내게로 오다 (feat. 주영)
  7. Yes, I'm A Rapper (feat.태완 aka C-Luv)
  8. Dangerous MC (feat. Naachal)
  9. Poison
  10. 독종 (feat. R-est & Zito)
  11. 스톡홀름 신드롬 (feat. Lucy)
  12. 마돈나 (feat. Soulman)
  13. Whistle Son

Discography of Minos In Nuol[edit]

Humanoid / hypnotica[edit]

  1. 20 Century Humanoid
  2. RE/E (Feat. Junggigo)
  3. Macho Man (Feat. B-Free)
  4. Rap 人間形 PT.2
  5. Interlude: Hypnotica
  6. 요람을 흔드는 손 (Feat. Sean2Slow)
  7. Muse, I See
  8. 반달 : Man On The Moon
  9. AM2
  10. Skit - What?
  11. RE: 니가 사는 그집 (Feat. Dawn)
  12. Oh, My God! (Feat. Paloalto, 양성)
  13. Interlude: Hope
  14. Pinocchio(Feat. 넋업샨, Soulman)
  15. S.E.O.U.L
  16. Skit - E.An Says,
  17. December, Sake
  18. Gentleman'S Quality : 건배 (Feat. Mecca)
  19. You See What I See (Nuol remix) (Bonus Track)
  20. Noise Mob (Nuol Remix)(Bonus Track)

Discography of Soulman & Minos[edit]

Coffee Calls For A Cigarette[edit]

  1. When I Feel
  2. 출퇴근 (Feat. MC Meta)
  3. Hangman's Diary (Feat. Nachal, Jerry.K)
  4. Tell Me (Duet with 정인, Feat. Black Tea)
  5. Urban Nite (Feat. Amin.J)
  6. Sad Movie (Feat. B-Soap, Kebee)
  7. No One Ever (Feat. 샛별)
  8. Bye-Bye 'Blue'bird (Duet with Junggigo)
  9. Room & Rumour (Feat. Flowa)
  10. U Never Know (Feat. E-Sens)
  11. In Dreams...
  12. Soul Free (Feat. Heritage)

Discography of Eluphant[edit]

Eluphant Bakery[edit]

  1. Ladies And Gentlemen
  2. 그날 밤, 셋이서, 그곳에 서서 (feat. Rhyme-A-)
  3. 공명(共鳴)
  4. Mr. 심드렁
  5. Ophilia, Please Show Me Your Smile (feat. Paloalto, 샛별)
  6. 귀 빠진 날 : 생일 축하해
  7. 당신이 점점 궁금해집니다
  8. Pink Polaroid (feat. 있다)
  9. 꿈의 터널 (feat. 강태우 Aka Soulman)
  10. 원님비방전 (feat. Infinite Flow, The Quiett)
  11. 코끼리 공장의 해피엔드 : 졸업식 (feat. Junggigo Aka Cubic)
  12. Mr. 심드렁 (Remix)
  13. Pink Polaroid (봄날의 곰 Mix)

Man On The Earth[edit]

  1. Hello My Dear
  2. 해에게서 소년에게
  3. Bye Bye Bike
  4. 키덜트 (feat. 윤두준 of Beast)
  5. She Is Not Following You (feat. JC a.k.a. 지은)
  6. 월요병 (feat. Soulman)
  7. 짧은 손가락 (feat. RHYME-A-)
  8. 바라봐 다 (feat. 화나)
  9. 여전히 아름답네요 (feat. 권정열 of 10 cm)
  10. 자장가
  11. 분실물

여전히 아름답네요[edit]

  1. Hello My Dear
  2. 여전히 아름답네요(Feat. 10 cm-권정열)
  3. Bye Bye Bike
  4. She Is Not Following You(Feat. JC a.k.a. 지은)
  5. 여전히 아름답네요(Instrumental)
  6. She Is Not Following You(Instrumental)

Man on the Moon[edit]

  1. 우주소년단 (feat. 임한별)
  2. 달로 와요 (feat. 주영)
  3. 심심할때만 (feat. 소유 Of 씨스타)
  4. B There
  5. Motm (feat. 수다쟁이, Huckleberry P, Rhyme -A-)
  6. 월식 150404
  7. 이사하는 날
  8. 등대 (feat. 김태우)
  9. People & Places
  10. 잊음 (Ism) (feat. 버벌진트, 피타입)
  11. 크레이터 (Crater) (feat. 김필)
  12. 귀환


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