Minsara Kanna

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Minsara Kanna
Minsaraa Kanna.jpg
Directed by K. S. Ravikumar
Produced by K. R. Gangadharan
Written by K. S. Ravikumar
Story by M. A. Kennedy
Starring Vijay
Monica Castelino
Music by Deva
Cinematography Ashok Rajan
Edited by K. Thanigachalam
K. R. G Movies International
Release date
  • 9 September 1999 (1999-09-09)
Country India
Language Tamil
Box office 13.1 crore (equivalent to 40 crore or US$5.6 million in 2017)

Minsara Kanna (English: Electrifying guy) is an Indian 1999 Tamil romantic dramedy thriller film written and directed by K. S. Ravikumar. The film features Vijay and Monica Castelino in the lead roles, while an ensemble supporting cast includes Rambha, Manivannan, Mansoor Ali Khan, R. Sundarrajan, Karan and Kovai Sarala. The film's title was derived from the song of the same name in Padayappa, which was also directed by Ravi.

Actress Kushboo appeared as one of the main lead actress of the film. The story is about how Vijay enters her house and developing his romance towards Aishwarya, Indra's sister.[1][2] The music is composed by Deva, and the film opened in September 1999 to average reviews.


Indra Devi (Kushboo), the elder sister of Ishwarya (Monica Castelino), is very rich and arrogant. Priya (Rambha) is her personal assistant. Both of them live in Udhagamandalam. Kannan (Vijay) is the only son of a multi-billionaire Devanathan (Manivannan), and has fallen in love with Ishwarya in Germany. After hearing the story of Indra Devi, Kannan comes to India with his family, with his name being christening as Kasi. Meanwhile, Indra Devi is challenged by Vedhachalam (Mansoor Ali Khan), who has also sent his son Ashok (Karan) to study in Germany. Ashok also falls in love with Ishwarya. Kannan serves as a bodyguard for Indra Devi. His younger brother Vetri (Mahendran) works as a servant boy, and his daughter serves as a cook for Indra Devi's family. Priya falls in love with Kannan for his good nature, but later gives it to Ishwarya after knowing the truth of Kannan and Ishwarya's love and their visit to India. Indra hates men because her lover Indra Kumar (B. H. Tharun Kumar) cheated her and married his owner's daughter due to her face burned in a fire accident. He says that he loved only her beauty and not her from that Indra hates men. One day she sees her lover who works as a poor slipper man and tells the story. Kannan's family waits for Indra Devi's permission for her sister's marriage, but she plans to marry her sister with Ashok, but Ashok realizes that Ishwarya loves Kannan. In the marriage ceremony, Ashok unites Kannan and Ishwarya from the opposition of Vedhachalam. But Vedhachalam says that he is not a villain but looks like that. Indra Devi plans to commit suicide, but Kannan stops it and says her that her sister cannot able to live without her. At last, Kannan and his family return to Germany. In their residence, to everyone's surprise, Indra Devi wholeheartedly accepts Kannan as her sister's life partner for his good nature, although he pretended as a servant. Indra along with her lover, now reunited as her husband, make Kannan and Ishwarya reunite with each other.



Following the success of Padayappa (1999), producer K. R. Gangadharan signed on K. S. Ravikumar to direct a film and was insistent that the title should be Minsara Kanna, after the popular song from Ravikumar's earlier film. The story and script of the film was then subsequently worked on by Ravikumar and co-written by M. A. Kennedy, who had previously worked in the film Pistha.[3] Minsara Kanna was launched in March 1999 at the Kavithalaya Studio, with Rajinikanth, Vijay, Ravikumar and K. Balachandar attending the inaugural event and the filming began in May 1999. The film saw the first and only collaboration to date between K. S. Ravikumar and Vijay, with the actor mentioning he was delighted with the pace and commitment that the director injected into production.[4] It was initially reported that Vijay would play a dual role but this proved to be untrue. For female lead Simran approached by Vijay, but the actress refused the offer due to the role has not much importance than the second lead and the antagonist which is played by Kushboo, then newface Monicka got the opportunity to make her debut. Furthermore, Isha Koppikar and Meena were linked to play the second lead in the film before Rambha was confirmed.[5]

Shooting took place in and around Ooty, ECR in Chennai and some scenes were shot in Germany, with two songs being canned in the Alps area.[6][7]


The film was awarded with pure 'U' certificate by the CBFC. The Satellite Rights of the film were purchased by Sun TV. Minsara Kanna opened to average reviews, with the critic of Indolink.com claiming the film "jogs along easily before becoming enmeshed in sentiments and cinematic cliches which make the last part of the movie all but watchable".[8] The New Indian Express criticized Vijay's performance claiming "greatest actor", and that "film drags on aimlessly" though praised Deva's soundtrack.[9] The Deccan Herald also gave the film a positive review labelling that Vijay "is painful to watch and even best to listen to", labelling it is "an exercise in how to best a good movie".[10]


Minsara Kanna
Soundtrack album by Deva
Released 1999
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Label Bayshore
Deva chronology
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Khushi (2000)String Module Error: Match not foundString Module Error: Match not found

The soundtrack of the film was composed by Deva, was well received by the audience. The lyrics were written by Vaali, Kalaikumar, Na. Muthukumar.

Song Singers
Oodha Oodha Hariharan, Harini
Boy Frienda Mano, Sujatha Mohan
Un Per Solla Sujatha Mohan
Un Per Solla (duet) Hariharan, Sujatha Mohan
Theemukka S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Chitra
Oh Uncle Mano


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