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Мінскі трактарны завод
Minski Traktarny Zavod

Minsk Tractor Works (Belarusian: Мінскі трактарны завод, Minski Traktarny Zavod; Russian: Минский тракторный завод, МТЗ, MTZ) may refer to two entities: a plant in Minsk, Belarus and a plant association in Belarus.

Minsk Tractor Works is a major industrial enterprise in Minsk, Belarus. It is a part of the association "Производственное объединение 'Минский тракторный завод'", or Proizvodotvennoe Obiedinenie Minskiy Traktorniy Zavod (ПО "МТЗ", PO MTZ), or Industrial Association "Minsk Tractor Works". In addition to the main plant in Minsk, the association includes a number of plants that produce parts and attachable tools for tractors and other vehicles produced by MTZ.


MTZ-2 (1954-1958) tractor near Minsk Tractor Works. Minsk, Belarus.
MTZ-5 (1957-1972)
MTZ-52 (1962-1985)
MTZ-80 (since 1974)
Main assembly line

The plant was established on May 29, 1946. The first tractor, the MTZ-2 model, was manufactured on October 14, 1953.

As of 2005, it had nearly 20,000 workers. The plant produces over 62 models of vehicles. Its main civil production has been four-wheeled tractors of model "MTZ", known as Belarus. By 1995 the plant manufactured 3,000,000 tractors. In 1999, it produced 58% of all tractors manufactured in CIS. For several years the plant has been holding 8-10% share of the world market of wheeled tractors.

Mtz tractors were exported to western Europe.The most popular exported model was Mtz-50(52). There were no major differences between the exported ones and not exported ones, but one major difference was that the exported tractors were painted red.

Since 2000, the tractors of the plant manufactured for export have been certified for the European Union. During their operation in the era of the Soviet Union, they have been awarded the collective titles of the Order of Lenin and the Order of the October Revolution.

In 2013, the plant tractors were certified in USA by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and in Canada by Environment Canada and received full approval for their import and distribution in both countries. Since 2010, distribution of Belarus tractors in USA and Canada is carried on through a local distributor MTZ Equipment Ltd.

One of the contributing factors to the return of the MTZ tractors to North America was the fact that the factory started making tractors with compression ignition diesel engines matching the current emissions standards, including Tier 3/4i/4 (USA/Canada) and Euro 3a, 3b, 4 (Europe).



Belarus-80.1; Belarus-82.1; Belarus-90; Belarus-92; Belarus-320; Belarus-310; Belarus-321; Belarus-422; Belarus-510; Belarus, 512; Belarus-520; Belarus-522; Belarus-572; Belarus-622; Belarus-820; Belarus-826; Belarus-892; Belarus-920; Belarus-922.3; Belarus-923.3; Belarus-1021; Belarus-Belarus-1025.2 1220.3; Belarus-1221.2; Belarus-1523; Belarus-2022.3; Belarus-3022DTS.1; Belarus-3522.

Special tractors[edit]

Belarus-80X; Belarus-100X; Belarus-920R; Belarus-921.3; BELARUS-921.4-10 / 91.

Special equipment[edit]

  • forest technology
  • grounds care
  • universal tractor chassis
  • mine equipment
  • tracked tractors
  • manipulators
  • tillers and tractors

New developments[edit]

Belarus-2103; Belarus 3023; Belarus-1502; Belarus EP-491; Belarus 1502-01; Belarus MU-466.

Associated plants[edit]

  • MTZ plant
  • Сморгоньский агрегатный завод, Smarhon mechanical unit plant
  • Бобруйский завод тракторных деталей и агрегатов, Babruysk tractor part and mechanical unit plant
  • Витебский завод тракторных запчастей, Vitsebsk tractor part plant
  • Минский завод специнструмента и технологической оснастки, Minsk instrument and auxiliaries plant
  • Минский завод шестерён, Minsk gear plant
  • Лепельский электромеханический завод, Lepel electromechanical plant
  • Смолевичский завод шестерён, Smalyavichy gear plant
  • Гомельский завод «Гидропривод», Gomel hydraulic drive plant
  • Завод гидроаппаратуры в г. Хойники, Khoyniki hydraulic drive plant
  • Наровлянский завод гидроаппаратуры, Narowlya hydraulic drive plant
  • Мозырский машиностроительный завод, Mazyr machine-building plant

Joint assembly production of MTZ tractors began in 2013 in Cambodia, at MTZ's first assembly plant in the ASEAN region. Tractors are now exported to all ASEAN countries. [1]

Sport and culture[edit]

Until 2010 Minsk Tractor Works was a sponsor of a Belarusian Premier League football team MTZ-RIPO Minsk. Games were played at Traktor stadium, which is located near the plant.

The Palace of Culture of the plant hosts the ballroom Dance Club Mara.[2]



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