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Minsk Kristall (Minsk Kryshtal, Belarusian: Мінск Крышталь, Russian: Минск Кристалл) is the largest distillery in Belarus, and is one of the oldest vodka producers in the former USSR.[citation needed]

The company was founded by brothers Yankel Rakaushchyk and Zelman Rakaushchyk in 1893. The distillery was reconstructed in 1910 and by 1913 became the largest distillery in Belarus.

During the Russian Civil War the distillery was nationalized by the Russian Bolsheviks and used as warehouses. In 1924 the Soviet Union government allowed production of spirits and the former Rakaushchyk Brothers distillery was activated again.

The distillery is controlled by the Government of Belarus. Its products include Minsk Vodka, Belaya Rus vodka, and Kryshtal Etalon.

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