Minto Park

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Coordinates: 45°25′00″N 75°41′18″W / 45.4167°N 75.6883°W / 45.4167; -75.6883

The west end of the park meeting Elgin Street.
Memorial "To honour and to grieve all women abused and murdered by men."
For the former Minto Park renamed to Iqbal Park, in Pakistan, see Iqbal Park.
For the Minto Park in India, see Minto Park, Allahabad.

Minto Park is a park in downtown Ottawa, Canada. It occupies a full city block, meeting Elgin Street on its west side, Gilmour Street on the north, Cartier Street on the east, and Lewis Street on the south. It contains picnic benches, street lights and several monuments, including a memorial to women who were murdered as a result of domestic violence and a bust of Argentinian general José de San Martín.

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