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The Minutemen was a militant anti-Communist, nativist organization formed in the United States in the early 1960s. The founder and head of the group was Robert DePugh, a biochemist from Norborne, Missouri. The Minutemen believed that Communism would soon take over the United States. The group armed themselves and prepared to violently suppress persons and groups the deemed un-American. The Minutemen organized themselves into small cells and stockpiled weapons for an anticipated counter-revolution.

In February 1968, DePugh was indicted by a federal grand jury in Seattle, Washington for conspiracy to commit bank robbery. Also in 1968, he was arrested for violation of federal firearms laws. He skipped bail and went underground for over a year until he was caught in 1969 in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. He was released from prison in May 1973. DePugh later wrote a survival manual, Can You Survive?, and was associated briefly with Liberty Lobby.

DePugh, 86, died at home June 30, 2009.[1]


The Minutemen's publication was a newsletter called "On Target".

  • Principles of Guerrilla Warfare, Robert DePugh. Published by the Minutemen, San Diego, CA, 1961. 10 pages.[2]
  • Blueprint for Victory, Robert DePugh. 1966.
  • Can You Survive? Robert DePugh. Published by Desert Publications, El Dorado, AZ, 1973. 214 pages. ISBN 0-87947-442-4


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