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Mio Destino is a clothing company that specialises in designer women's apparel from European fashion designers. The name comes from the Italian phrase Il Mio Destino which translates as "My Destiny".


Mio Destino was started in London, England, in 2005 as an online option for men who did not wish to go into a lingerie boutique to buy for their partner. It is now based in Oakham.

After beginning with designer lingerie the company started to sell a wider range of products including corsets, sleepwear, bikini swimwear, stockings, maternity lingerie and more recently designer mastectomy lingerie.

In 2009 the inaugural Drapers Etail Awards[1] ceremony was held at Sketch nightclub in London. Mio Destino was awarded the Best Marketing Initiative Etail Award after being shortlisted alongside companies such as Oasis, Warehouse, Simply Yours and AussieBum. Guerilla marketing initiatives such as the Play Time sudoku-inspired lingerie[2] and the Free or Jail Paris Hilton Panties[3] were cited as innovative.

Judges for the event consisted of the Editor of Drapers Lauretta Roberts, as well as Leisa Barnett of Vogue.com, Peter Fitzgerald of Google, Rob Jones of Harvey Nichols, Simeon Lando of PayPal and Leon Bailey-Green.[4]

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