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Mio Mao
Mio Mao.jpg
Polish DVD cover
GenreClaymation, family, preschool, children's series
Written byFrancesco Misseri
Directed byFrancesco Misseri
Voices ofDerek Griffiths
Theme music composerPiero Barbetti
Opening themeMio Mao
Ending themeMio Mao
Country of originItaly
United Kingdom
Original language(s)onomatopoeia/gibberish (no dialogue)
No. of series3
No. of episodes78
Running time5 minutes
Production company(s)1970 series:
  • PMBB
  • L+H Films

2002 series:

Original networkMilkshake! (UK)
Picture format480i
First shown in1970-1976
Original release2002 –
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Mio Mao (pronounced me-o mow), also known as Mio and Mao, is an Italian stop motion children's TV show created by Francesco Misseri in the 1970s, produced using Claymation animation.

The original series was produced by PMBB and L+H Films in 1970, while between 2002 and 2007 two new series were co-produced by Francesco Misseri's new company, Misseri Studio/Associati Audiovisivi, with Channel 5.

The first series of Mio Mao was aired from 1970 to 1976. New episodes (Series 2) were produced from 2002–2004 in association with Channel 5, followed by another series of episodes (Series 3) from 2005–2007. The music was composed by Piero Barbetti.

In the United Kingdom, the episodes are narrated and the characters are voiced by Derek Griffiths and shown on Channel 5, and its sister channel, 5Star. Although occasional episodes are listed separately in TV guides, many are also shown as part of Channel 5's Milkshake program. The show is now available through the Demand 5 online viewing service. In 1993, the programme was shown in the UK on Channel 4's early morning Take 5 line-up.[citation needed]

Currently the episodes are shown in the US on the BabyFirst TV channel.


Each episode is approximately five minutes long and focuses on two playful kittens, a white female named Mio and a red male named Mao. As they roll, run, squish, bounce and tumble across a fantastic clay garden, they discover a variety of mysterious animals and objects on the other side. The garden changes appearance depending on the theme of the episode, or the animal or object featured.

The kittens go to investigate alone, and return scared, before watching from a distance and finding that the scary item was either a friendly animal or a fun object.

Often, near the end of the episode, the animal or object will need help, and Mio and Mao come to their rescue, then invite the animal or object to come play with them. Gracious, the animal or object follows them as they tumble and run back to the other side of the garden, posing together and looking at the viewers as the episode draws to a close, with the words "THE END".

List of episodes[edit]

1970-1976 series episodes[edit]

Episode Airdate + the lost episodes Notes
The Ants 7 May 1971
The Armadillo 1972 The short is Lost in pre-1973
The Bat 1973 New version broadcast on BabyFirst TV on 21 February 2012
The Beaver 1975 Rebroadcast on BabyFirst TV on 12 February 2012
The Bee Hive 1974 lost in Czech Republic
The Bull 1972 lost since the date it was made
The Camel 1975 lost due to the audio
The Caterpillar 1975 Rebroadcast on BabyFirst TV on 28 February 2012.* Also note that, for some reason, Mio and Mao's voices are replaced by the sounds of an electric "wah-wah" style guitar.
The Chameleon 1973 Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on 5 February 2012
The Chicken 1974 lost on the U.S
The Cicada 1975 Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV and BabyTV on 5 February 2012
The Cow 1972 Newer updated version rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on 23 February 2012
The Crab 1971 Newer updated version broadcast on BabyFirstTV on 12 March 2012
The Crocodile 1976 Newer updated version rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on 11 March 2012
The Crow 1975 lost since 1982
The Deer 1973 lost since 1991
The Dinosaur 1974 lost in U.S
The Dog 22 November 1974
The Dolphin 1972 lost in UK
The Dormouse 1974 Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV and BabyTV on 25 March 2012
The Duck 1975 lost in the UK version
The Egg 20 December 1974 This was the first Mio Mao episode ever produced. Also, Mio and Mao's voices were both done by a male voice actor
The Elephant 29 November 1976 The short exists in Japan, but lost in 2008
The Hare 1973 Rebroadcast on BabyFirst TV on 13 February 2012
The Hedgehog 27 December 1976 (Originally aired on 27 December 1976)
The Hippopotamus 1972 Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on 26 March 2012
The Kangaroo 1976 An updated version was rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on 1 February 2012
The Koala 1972 Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on 1 February 2012
The Little Lamb 1976 Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on 2 February 2012
The Lizard lost worldwide
The Ladybird/Ladybug Newer updated broadcast on BabyFirstTV on 31 January 2012
The Lion lost outside of the United Kingdom
The Mole 15 November 1974
The Monkey 4 January 1975
The Frog lost in Wyoming since, This is only lost episode to be lost in a state
The Ostrich lost in Europe
The Owl Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on 11 February 2012
The Peacock 8 November 1974
The Piglet Newer updated version broadcast on BabyFirstTV on 7 March 2012
The Polyp/Octopus Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on 7 February 2012
The Snake Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on 26 March 2012
The Spider 13 December 1973
The Shell Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on 28 March 2012
The Tortoise Updated version broadcast on BabyfirstTV on 22 March 2012
2002–2007 series episodes
The Anteater
The Bee Hive (Remake of the original 1970s version.)
The Bat (Remake of the original 1970s version.)
The Chestnut
The Cow (Remake of the original 1970s version.)
The Clew
The Crab (Remake of the original 1970s version.)
The Cricket (Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on 15 February 2012.)
The Crocodile (Remake of the original 1970s version.)
The Donkey (Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV)
The Dragonfly (Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on 8 April 2012.)
The Fox
The Flamingo
The Ladybird/Ladybug (Remake of the original 1970s version.)
The Little Bear (Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV and BabyTV on 13 March 2012.)
The Mushroom
The Genie
The Goat
The Ghost
The Glew
The Hornet (Rebroadcast on BabyFirstTV on 22 February 2012.)
The Kangaroo (Remake of the original 1970s version.)
The Kingfisher
The Koala (Remake of the original 1970's version.)
The Mushroom
The Parrot (A cockatoo appears in this episode as well.)
The Peacock
The Pelican
The Penguin
The Piglet (Remake of the original 1970s version.)
The Polar Bear
The Rabbit
The Reindeer
The Raccoon [Misspelled as "Racoon"] (Originally titled "The 'Coon", but the title was changed when the episode aired in the United States.)
The Rhinoceros
The Rooster
The Seal
The Seed
The Shell
The Skye Terrier
The Sloth
The Snail
The Snake
The Snowman
The Squirrel
The Swan
The Tadpole
The Tap
The Television
The Tortoise (Remake of the original 1970s version.)
The Train
The Turkey
The Unicorn
The Vacuum
The Vulture
The Whale
The Wolf
The Worm
The Woodpecker
The Xmas Tree

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