Miodrag Petković

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Miodrag S. Petković
Born February 10, 1948 (1948-02-10) (age 69)
Malča, Serbia
Residence Serbia
Nationality Serbian
Alma mater University of Nis
Occupation Mathematician
Known for Interval mathematics, Polynomial roots, Recreational mathematics

Miodrag S. Petković (born 10 February 1948 in Malča, Serbia in the former Yugoslavia) is a mathematician and computer scientist. He graduated in Computer Science in 1972 and gained his PhD in Mathematics (1980) in the area of Interval analysis. In 1991 he became a full professor of mathematics at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš in Serbia.

Petković is a leading expert in the theory of iterative processes for solving nonlinear equations and Interval mathematics. He wrote over 255 academic papers (140 in Thomson Reuters' SCI journals) and 24 books, including four monographs Iterative Methods for Simultaneous Inclusion of Polynomial Zeros, Springer-Verlag 1989, Complex Interval Arithmetic and Its Applications, Wiley-VCH 1998, Point Estimation of Root Finding Methods, Springer-Verlag 2008, and Multipoint Methods for Solving Nonlinear Equations, Elsevier 2012.

He was visiting professor at the University of Oldenburg (Germany, 1989) and at the Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg (France, 1992) and a scientific researcher at the universities of Freiburg, Oldenburg, Berlin, New York, London, Sofia, Kiel, Tsukuba and Vienna. He took part at 60 conferences and congresses, and he was the invited lecterer on two world’s congresses (1992 and 1996) and several international conferences. He was a co-organizer of the international conference at the University of Kiel (Germany) 1998.

Petković is an Associate Editor in Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and Computation and a member of Editorial Board of Reliable Computing, Journal of Applied Mathematics, Journal of Mathematics and Computing Systems, Journal of Complex Analysis, and Applicable Analysis and Discrete Mathematics. He was the mentor of 8 doctoral dissertations and 5 master's theses.

Petković is also a math popularizer; he authored a number of articles and books on recreational mathematics and chess. His books Mathematics and Chess, Dover Publications, 1997 and Famous Puzzles of Great Mathematicians, American Mathematical Society, 2009 (translated to Korean, Kyowoosa Publishing 2013) are curious collections which combine mathematics, puzzles and chess and present the unique books in the topics. As a chess composer, he published about 100 original chess problems.

Petković is a member of Serbian Scientific Society, New York Academy of Science, American Mathematical Society, GAMM, and a member of Serbian National Council of Science. He is married and has two sons, older Ivan is a doctor of Computing Science and Vladimir is a computer artist and designer. His wife Ljiljana is also a professor of Mathematics at the University of Niš.

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