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Miquel Martí i Pol (Catalan pronunciation: [miˈkɛl məɾˈti j ˈpɔl]; 19 March 1929 – 11 November 2003) was one of the most popular poets in Catalan language in the 20th century.[1]

Martí i Pol was of humble origin and had to quit studying at 14 years, to start working at a factory. Nevertheless, he started publishing poetry in 1954. In 1970 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Despite his illness, he continued publishing high quality poetry. His poetry became very popular in Catalonia.[2]

Below are some of his main works:

  • Paraules al vent. 1954.
  • Vint-i-set poemes en tres temps. 1972.
  • L'arrel i l'escorça. 1975.
  • El llarg viatge. 1976.
  • Amb vidres a la sang. 1977.
  • Estimada Marta. 1978.
  • Suite de Parlavà. 1991.


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