mir-135 microRNA precursor family

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mir-135 microRNA precursor family
miRBase familyMIPF0000028
Other data
RNA typeGene; miRNA
GO0035195 0035068
PDB structuresPDBe

The miR-135 microRNA precursor is a small non-coding RNA that is involved in regulating gene expression. It has been shown to be expressed in human, mouse and rat.[1][2] miR-135 has now been predicted or experimentally confirmed in a wide range of vertebrate species (MIPF0000028[permanent dead link]). Precursor microRNAs are ~70 nucleotides in length and are processed by the Dicer enzyme to produce the shorter 21-24 nucleotide mature sequence. In this case the mature sequence is excised from the 5' arm of the hairpin.

Targets of miR-135[edit]

  • Nagel et al.. showed that miR-135a and b target the 3' untranslated region of the APC gene.[3]


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