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Mir-Mahna cover.jpg
Publisher(s) ESPRIS, Tehran, Iran
Director(s) Morteza Rezaei Yami
Producer(s) ESPRIS
Designer(s) Morteza Rezaei Yami
Programmer(s) Behnam Aghajani
Artist(s) Behnam Shojaei, Ebrahim Diba, and Hossein Diba
Composer(s) Payam Azadi
Engine TGEA
    Genre(s) FPS

    Mir-Mahna (sometimes spelled Mir Mahna) is a computer game based on the life of Mir Mahna, an Amir of Kharg, Iran who successfully fought against Dutch colonial forces in Iran during the 1740s reign of Nader Shah.[1] Introduced in August 2010 at Gamescom 2010,[2] Mir-Mahna officially was released in Tehran, Iran in February 2011 and it was supported by Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation.[1][3][4][5][6][7] Mir-Mahna is the first Iranian game about the life of a contemporary Iranian hero and the second game after "Garshasp Gorz-e-Serit" to focus on Iranian heroes.[1] The game story line was based on a series of books entitled, "On the Red Marine Roads" by Nader Ebrahimi,[8] an Iranian writer, screenwriter, photographer, director and actor. By using traditional Iranian music with modern computer motion capture, the game designers sought to introduce Iranian culture and civilization worldwide.[1][9] This was part of a larger effort by the Iranian government to use computer games to help convey its culture.[3]


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