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The MirOS Licence
AuthorThe MirOS Project
Latest versionCVS r1.19[1] – can be considered the first version
Published11 December 2006
DFSG compatibleYes
FSF approvedYes
OSI approvedYes
GPL compatibleYes
Linking from code with a different licenseYes
WebsiteHTML version, UTF-8 plain text version

The MirOS Licence is a free content licence (for software and other free cultural works such as graphical, literal, musical, …) originated at The MirOS Project for their own publications because the ISC license used by OpenBSD was perceived as having problems with wording[2] and too America centric. It has strong roots in the UCB BSD licence and the Historical Permission Notice and Disclaimer with a focus on modern, explicit, legible language and usability by European (except UK), specifically German, authors (while not hindering adoption by authors from other legislations). It is a permissive (“BSD/MIT-style”) licence.

Another novelty is that this licence was specified for any kind of copyrightable work from the start; as such, it not only meets the Open Source Definition and Debian Free Software Guidelines but also the Open Knowledge Definition and, in fact, has been approved by the OKFN long before OSI did.[1]

The licence has not seen formal legal review, but is listed on ifrOSS’ licence centre webpages.[3] The Free Software Foundation has not formally added the licence as either a free software licence or Free Documentation License to their pages, but their software directory has a category for it.[4]

The license was accepted as a free content license according to the Free Cultural Works definition.[5]


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