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Mir Imran
Born May 14, 1956
Hyderabad, India
Occupation Founder and Managing Director, InCube Ventures (ICV)
Website Profile of Mir at InCube Ventures

Mir A. Imran (born 1956, Hyderabad, India), is an Indian entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Imran has formed 19 companies since the early 80s and holds over 140 patents.

Born and raised in India, the son of a doctor, Imran moved to New Jersey in 1973 to attend Rutgers University where he studied both electrical and biomedical engineering. He received his B.S. in electrical engineering and his M.S. in biomedical engineering and spent three years as a Research Specialist before deciding to leave and work on the first implantable cardioverter-defibrillator with Intec Systems, which was acquired by Eli Lilly, spun out to form Guidant, and acquired by Boston Scientific in 2006 for $27.5B

Imran is recognized for his history as a scientist, inventor, entrepreneur and investor of medical technology companies. He is the founder and Chairman of InCube Labs, LLC, a research laboratory and business incubator for medical and technology companies. Through InCube Labs, and prior to its establishment, he has founded numerous medical and high technology companies. Imran currently serves as a Director for a number of life science companies


Imran joined Intec Systems in 1980 and developed IP key to the development of the automatic implantable defibrillator, a device that has saved hundreds of thousands of lives, and has become a standard of care in cardiology. In 1992, Mr. Imran invented a cooled RF ablation catheter for the treatment of ventricular arrhythmias. This invention became the initial product of Cardiac Pathways, and is now widely used by cardiac electro-physiologists. In 1995, he developed a low-pressure balloon and aspirator system for use in catheter based interventions. Mr. Imran was the first to articulate the concept of embolic protection during high-risk interventions. Mr. Imran’s device became the primary innovation for Percusurge, which was acquired by Medtronic in December 2000. In the medical field Imran's interest is to develop medical devices that blur the distinction between organic and synthetic and advance patient treatment options.

Imran’s current research interests include tissue engineering, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, orthopedics, congestive heart failure and artificial organs.

InCube Labs[edit]

Imran founded InCube Labs in 1995 after forming 8 venture backed medical device companies. Imran’s concept was that InCube would function as an applied research institute. Since the formation of InCube Labs, Imran has formed more than 12 additional companies.

Venture Capital[edit]

Imran is an active angel investor and a limited partner in several venture funds. He is the Managing Director of InCube Ventures, a medical device venture fund.

InCube Ventures[edit]

InCube Ventures is an early stage life science venture capital fund. Imran co-founded InCube Ventures with Andrew Farquharson and Wayne Roe. The fund invests in both InCube Labs’ companies as well as external companies. The fund primarily invests in novel therapies that have the potential to dramatically improve patient care.

Awards and publications[edit]

Feb 2017 Admitted to the National Academy of Engineering [1]

2009 Rutgers Hall of Distinguished Alumni [1]

2005 Rutgers University Distinguished Engineer Award

Featured in EE Times - Nov 7th 2005 eeTimes

Featured in Stanford Medicine - Fall 2006 Stanford Medicine Magazine

Featured in Rutgers 1766 Alumni Magazine Rutgers 1766 magazine[permanent dead link]

Featured in Innovative Doctoring-Grossman, Jeffrey Innovative Doctoring

Featured in Medical Device and Diagnostics Magazine Incremental vs. Disruptive: A Parallel Entrepreneur on What Innovation Really Is

Speaking engagements[edit]

Medtronic Distinguished Lecturer at Johns Hopkins BioMedical Engineering Day – May 2007 Johns Hopkins BioMedical Engineering Day Brochure – May 2nd 2007

Keynote Speaker – Engineering in Medicine and Biology - UT Dallas - Nov 2007 UT Dallas Engineering in Medicine and Biology


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