Mir Jalaleddin Kazzazi

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Mir Jalaleddin Kazzazi
میرجلال‌الدین کزازی
Dr. M.J. Kazzazi-3.jpg
Born (1949-01-19) January 19, 1949 (age 68)
Kermanshah, Iran
Nationality Iranian
Occupation Academic, writer and translator of literary works.
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Mir Jalaleddin Kazzazi (Persian: میرجلال‌الدین کزازی‎‎; born 19 January 1949) is an outstanding master of Persian literature and a renowned Iranist.

Kazzazi is known for his works on Shahnama. M.J. Kazzazi is a professor of literature at Allameh Tabatabaii University.

Kazzazi was selected as one of the Iran's memorable figures, (چهرهٔ ماندگار), for his contribution to Persian culture and literature.

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