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Mir Saadullah Shahabadi (fl. 1780s) was a Kashmiri poet who wrote a Persian language verse history of Kashmir called Bagh-i-Sulaiman (Garden of Solomon, 1780). It is mainly derived from the earlier History of Kashmir of Muhammed Azam Didamari,[1] but updates the history to the reign of Juma Khan (1787–1793 CE).[2]


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  2. ^ Krishan Lal Kalla Kashmir panorama 1997 Page 76 "23. "Baghi-Sulaiman". It is a history of Kashmir in Persian verse completed by Mir Saadullah Shahabadi of Kashmir. It brings the account up to the reign of Juma Khan (1787–1793 A.D.) It gives the account of princes as well as of Saints. 24.