Mir Sham ud-Din Iraqi

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Mir Shams-ud-din Muhammad Iraqi udshikkan (1484–1526) (Urdu: میرشمس الدین محمد عراقی بدشکن‎) was known for having introduced the tenets held by [ Noorbakshi]],[1] the order of the Sufis in Kashmir who influenced the social complexity of the valley.

Mir Shams ud-Din first came from Iran[citation needed] as a political envoy of Hassan Shah and then became an independent religious missionary.[citation needed] After arriving in Srinagar, he established his Khanqah in the suburbs, now known as Zaddibal. He was best known for influencing the nobles of the Chak clan to embrace the Nurbakshi faith. Mir Sham ud-Din Iraqi translated the book Fiqh-i-Ahwat (book of jurisprudence), which was written in Arabic by his teacher Syed Muhammad Nurbaksh.[citation needed]


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