Mir Yazdanbakhsh

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Mir Yazdanbakhsh
Mir Yazdanbakhsh Behsudi.jpg
Born 1790
Nationality  Afghanistan
Occupation Politician

Mir Yazdanbakhsh of Khar Zar was a chieftain of the Hazara people in the Hazarajat of central Afghanistan in the 19th century. Son of Mir Wali Beg, he was born in 1790.

He expelled his older brother, Mir Muhammad Shah after his father was assassinated by a minor chief. He consolidated his power to become undisputed chief of the Hazaras (1843–1863).[1]

Yazdanbakhsh was a powerful figure in Behsud (in modern Wardak Province), who controlled the Shibar and Hajikak passes into Bamiyan. His great power concerned Dost Muhammad Khan, who lured him to Kabul and imprisoned him. Yazdanbakhsh managed to escape, or pay a ransom, and returned to Behsud, where he continued to control the Bamiyan routes and submit revenues to Kabul. He was assassinated in Bamiyan.


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