Mira Škorić

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Mira Škorić
Birth nameMirjana Škorić
Born (1970-07-08) July 8, 1970 (age 50)
Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia
Years active1988–present
Associated acts

Mirjana "Mira" Škorić (born 8 July 1970) is a Serbian pop-folk singer.

Life and career[edit]

Škorić was born in Belgrade, where she finished her trade and music school. She had her first public appearance at the Raspevana Autumn Festival, where she reached the final. In 1988 she recorded her first album, Niko kao mi (No one like us), in the release of Diskos production.[1] This album, like the next three, does not draw the attention of the audience to a young singer. The exception was the poem Why are you wearing my ring, which has achieved little popularity. Just for the album Do not Give Me a Mother, from 1993, Mira sings songs that are heard in the country. These are: Do not give me a mother, Monastery, You are like me, Swordsman, A series of veins are quietly running. The following year partially continues the success of the previous album, and captures hits I'll give you my son, Map of Tug and You're not my destiny, but the album from 1996 does not go remarkably. From the album she recorded until 2000, the songs of Kosa black are singled out, I will be some kind of good and my comrade will come back, a duet with Aco Lukas. In 2000, he recorded an album that was called, like the year when it was released, and the only hit on it was the song I'll hang on. She did not manage to regain the popularity she once had with the next two albums of Škorić. In 2001, Željko Bebek recorded the song "Two Storms",[2] while on the album from 2003, the only song I've ever known is I still love you. After this, Mira makes a two-year break and with the next album, released in 2005, gets a little popularity. The songs that went to the audience were Best Friends, No Other, Poor Evaluation and Silicones.

The singer also sang very successful duets with Ana Bekuta (Not a button of the button), Ceca (Do not count on me) and Šerif Konjević (Tracks of memory). At the first Grand Festival in 2006, she won the third place, thanks to a very popular song. It is our sadness, one of the biggest hits in her career.[3] The following year she performed at Beovizija 2007 with the song Voli, however, she went unnoticed. In 2008, she performed again at the Grand Festival with the song So You Fell,[4] and 2009 she took part in the reality show Veliki Brat VIP All Stars.[5] In 2012, for the third time, she was a participant at the Grand Festival, with the song White Angel.[6]

That same year they circulated rumors to end their career,[7][8] but the singer had already released a new album in 2013 after eight years.

In 2017 she participated in the fourth season of the reality television show Tvoje lice zvuči poznato, where she reached 9th place out of 10.

Škorić lives in Belgrade, with her daughter Milica.[5]


  • Mi možemo sve, 1988
  • Niko kao mi, 1989
  • Oči moje ponosite, 1991
  • Imam želju, 1992
  • Ne daj me majko, 1993
  • Rodiću ti sina, 1995
  • U službi ljubavi, 1996
  • Kosa crna, 1997
  • Srcekradica, 1998
  • 2000!, 2000
  • Kafano!, 2001
  • Još uvek te volim, 2003
  • Najbolji prijatelji, 2005
  • Za moj rođendan, 2013


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