Mira (given name)

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Word/nameArabic, Albanian, Hebrew, Latin, Sanskrit, Slavic, Indian, Korean, Finnish, Japanese, Turkish
Meaning"peaceful", "amazing", "beautiful", "peace", "prosperous", “helpful”[citation needed], “soft like velvet rose”[citation needed], “princess”[citation needed]
Other names
Related namesMiranda, Myra, Meera, Mireliana, Miriam

Mira is a feminine given name with varying meanings. In the Romance languages, it is related to the Latin words for 'wonder' and 'wonderful'.[1][2] In South Slavic languages, it means 'peace' and is often used as part of a longer name, such as Miroslava (masculine form: Miroslav), Mirjana, or Sławomira (masculine form: Sławomir). In Albanian, it means 'goodness' or 'kindness'. In Sanskrit, it means 'ocean', 'sea', 'limit', or 'boundary'.[3] It is sometimes also a short form of other given names.

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