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Word/nameAlbanian, Hebrew, Latin, Sanskrit, Slavic, Indian, Korean, Finnish, Japanese
Meaning"mother earth "peaceful"amazing", "beautiful", "peace", "prosperous", “helpful”, “soft like velvet rose”, “princess”
Other names
Related namesMiranda, Myra, Meera, Mireliana, Miriam

Mira is a feminine given name with varying meanings. In the Romance languages, it is related to the Latin words for 'wonder' and 'wonderful'.[1][2] In South Slavic languages, it means 'peace' and is often used as part of a longer name, such as Miroslava (masculine form: Miroslav) or Sławomira (masculine form: Sławomir). In Albanian, it means 'goodness' or 'kindness'. In Sanskrit, it means 'ocean', 'sea', 'limit', or 'boundary'.[3]

People with the given name include:

  • Mira Aroyo (born 1977), Bulgarian musician
  • Mira Awad (born 1975), Palestinian-Arab actress and musician
  • Mira Bai or Meera (1498–1547), Hindu mystical singer and poet
  • Mira Craig (born 1982), Norwegian rhythm and blues singer and songwriter
  • Mira Dancy (born 1979), American painter
  • Míra Emberovics (born 1988), Hungarian handball player
  • Mira Furlan (born 1955), Croatian actress and singer
  • Mira Gojak (born 1963), Australian artist
  • Mira Golubović (Мира Голубовић, born 1976), Serbian retired professional volleyball player
  • Mira Gonzalez (born 1992), American poet
  • Mira Hoteit (born 2002), Lebanese footballer
  • Mira Konçi (born 1973), Albanian singer and songwriter
  • Mira Kunnasluoto (born 1974), Finnish singer
  • Mira Kuś (born 1958), Polish poet and journalist
  • Mira Lehr, American multimedia artist
  • Mira Lesmana (born 1964), Indonesian songwriter, film director and producer
  • Mira Leung (born 1989), Canadian retired figure skater
  • Mira Mihelič (1912-1985), Slovene writer and translator
  • Mira Nair (born 1957), Indian-American film director
  • Mira Nakashima (born 1942), Japanese-American architect and furniture maker
  • Mira Petrović (Мира Петровић, born 1956), Serbian politician
  • Mira Sorvino (born 1967), American actress
  • Mira Topić (born 1983), Croatian volleyball player
  • Mira W. (Widjaja) (born 1951), Indonesian author
  • Mira Zimińska (1901-1997), Polish actress
  • Mirjana Mira Banjac (Мира Бањацborn, born 1929), Serbian actress
  • Miroslava Mira Stupica (Мирослава Мира Ступица, 1923–2016), Serbian actress
  • Mira Duong Phan Thi My Tam (born 1981), Vietnamese director, singer, composer, actress
  • Mira Calix (born 1970), South African electronic musician, real name Chantal Passamonte

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