Mira Quien Baila

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Mira Quien Baila
Created by Endemol Latino
Presented by Javier Poza
Chiquinquirá Delgado
Judges Horacio Villalobos (2010–2013)
Bianca Marroquín (2010–2013)
Lili Estefan (2010–2012)
Ninel Conde (2013)
Alejandra Guzmán (2010)
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 4
Running time 90-95 minutes
135 minutes (Season premieres and finales)
Original network Univision
Original release September 12, 2010 (2010-09-12) – present
External links
Website entretenimiento.univision.com/mira-quien-baila

¡Mira Quien Baila! (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈmiɾa kjem ˈbajla]; English: Look Who's Dancing), also known as MQB, is a Spanish-language reality show formerly broadcast on Univision in the United States. The show Strictly dancing, an Endemol format.[clarification needed] The show involved celebrities (including singers, actors and others) being paired up with professional dancers. Each couple performed ballroom or Latin dances and competed for judges' critiques and audience votes. Whichever couple received the lowest total amount of judges' critique and audience votes was eliminated until a champion was named at the end. Each celebrity competed for a grand total of $50,000 for a charity of their choice.

Univision canceled Mira Quien Baila in January 2014[1], however on May 12, 2017 it was announced that it will be revived for a fifth season.[2]

Hosts and Judges[edit]

Judges, Hosts & Choreographers of Mira Quien Baila
1 (2010) 2 (2011) 3 (2012) 4 (2013)
Javier Poza
Chiquinquirá Delgado
Horacio Villalobos
Head Judge
Bianca Marroquín
Lili Estefan
Javier "Poty" Castillo
Ninel Conde
Anibal Marrero
Alejandra Guzman
Guest Judge


Season Premiere Finale Winner Runner-up Third Place Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants
1 September 12, 2010 November 21, 2010 Vadhir Derbez Jackie Guerrido Rogelio Martínez Héctor Camacho · Rosa Gloria Chagoyán · Niurka Marcos (Quit) · Marcelo Buquet · Jon Secada (Quit) · Scarlet Ortiz · Diana Reyes 10
2 September 11, 2011 [3] November 20, 2011 [4] Adamari López [5] Priscila Angel Erik Estrada [6] Stephanie Salas · Géraldine Bazán · Blue Demon Jr · Alejandro Chabán · Christian Suarez · Jose Manuel Figueroa · Elizabeth Gutiérrez 10
3 September 9, 2012 November 18, 2012 Henry Santos Fernando Arau Alicia Machado Valentina · Samy · María Antonieta de las Nieves · Maxi Iglesias · Maripily Rivera · Argelia Atilano · Bobby Pulido 10
4 September 15, 2013 November 24, 2013 Johnny Lozada Pedro Moreno Marjorie De Sousa El Dasa (Withdrew) · Graciela Beltrán · Yolandita Monge (Quit) · María Elisa Camargo · Malillany Marín · Manny Manuel · Mane de la Parra 10


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