Mira de Aire

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Mira de Aire
Mira de Aire is located in Portugal
Mira de Aire
Mira de Aire
Coordinates: 39°32′38″N 8°42′58″W / 39.544°N 8.716°W / 39.544; -8.716Coordinates: 39°32′38″N 8°42′58″W / 39.544°N 8.716°W / 39.544; -8.716
Country Portugal
Region Centro
Subregion Pinhal Litoral
Intermunic. comm. Região de Leiria
District Leiria
Municipality Porto de Mós
 • Total 15.62 km2 (6.03 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 3,775
 • Density 240/km2 (630/sq mi)

Mira de Aire (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈmiɾɐ ð(ɨ) ˈajɾɨ]) is a small town in Porto de Mós Municipality, in the district of Leiria, Portugal. The population in 2011 was 3,775,[1] in an area of 15.62 km².[2]

A point of interest is the Natural Park of Serra de Aire e Candeeiros. The area is known for its caves that attract many tourists and is home of the Portuguese indigenous dog breed, the Cão da Serra de Aires.

Mira de Aire is located about and hour from Portugal's capital Lisbon.


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