Mirab Kishmaria

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Mirab Kishmaria
Мираб Кишьмариа
Minister of Defence
Assumed office
10 May 2007
Prime Minister Alexander Ankvab
Sergei Shamba
Leonid Lakerbaia
Vladimir Delba (Acting)
Preceded by Sultan Sosnaliyev
Personal details
Born (1961-08-03) 3 August 1961 (age 56)
Ochamchire, Soviet Union
Political party Independent

Mirab Boris-ipa Kishmaria (Abkhaz: Мираб Борис-иҧа Кишьмариа, Georgian: მერაბ ქიშმარია, Russian: Мира́б Бори́сович Кишма́рия)[1] is the current Minister of Defence of the Republic of Abkhazia, which enjoys only limited recognition internationally.

Early life and career[edit]

Mirab Kishmaria was born 3 August 1961 in Ochamchire in what was then the Abkhazian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1984 he graduated from the Almaty general command college. From June 1987 until February 1989 Kishmaria fought with the 40th division of the Soviet army in Afghanistan. During the 1992-1993 War in Abkhazia, Kishmaria was commander of the eastern front of the Abkhazian army, in the Ochamchire district.

Political career[edit]

In 2002, Kishmaria became co-Chairman of veterans socio-political movement Amtsakhara, together with Vladimir Nachach.[2]

On 22 March 2005 Mirab Kishmaria was appointed First Deputy Minister of Defence. After Sultan Sosnaliyev resigned as Defence Minister on 8 May 2007, Kishmaria became acting Minister of Defence on 10 May. He was appointed permanently to the post on 26 June.[3][4]


Mirab Kishmaria is married to a Georgian wife, they have 11 children. Out of these, seven fought in the 1992-1993 war with Georgia, and two died therein.[5]



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Political offices
Preceded by
Sultan Sosnaliyev
Minister of Defence