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The Miracle Centre Cathedral is the second largest Pentecostal church in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. The building, in the Rubaga district of Kampala, has a capacity of 10,500, and the church claims to be the biggest auditorium in East Africa.[1]

The church's Senior Pastor is Robert Kayanja, who preaches prosperity theology, focussing on the creation of wealth and denouncing beggars.[1] Kayanja is the younger brother of Anglican Archbishop of York John Sentamu, who preached at the cathedral in 2005.[2]

The Cathedral was built at a cost of US$7 million, half of which was donated by a South Korean woman who was healed after Kayanja prayed for her.[3]

According to Kayanja, the Cathedral's congregation has planted over 1,000 other Miracle Centre Churches across Uganda, and over 2 million Ugandans have professed faith in Christ at its crusades.[3] Its charitable work in Kampala includes care for street children, orphans and people with AIDS.


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