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View of the city from the walking path

The Mirador del Obispado (Bishopric Lookout) is located at the top of the Cerro del Obispado (Bishopric Hill) in the northern city of Monterrey, Mexico. It features the biggest bandera monumental (monumental flag) in Mexico. The hill and the lookout receive their name from the building constructed in the middle of the hill by the end of the 18th century, the Palacio del Obispado (Bishopric Palace).

At an altitude of 775 meters above the sea level the lookout consists of a 40 meters of diameter round-shaped esplanade with the flag pole at its center. There are benches, a small parking lot (mainly for handicapped people) and 3 French gardens. The installations are also equipped with restrooms and water troughs. It was conceived as a family walking stroll so the main road is very wide and well illuminated. Cars are allowed to pass but the main parking lot is at the entrance of the Park.

The Bandera Monumental[edit]

The biggest bandera monumental in Mexico

The country's biggest monumental flag was located at the top of the Cerro del Obispado, in the same place the public scenic lookout is, and it was inaugurated on February 24, 2005 to celebrate the Mexican Flag Day. This flag is currently the second largest in the country. With a pole of 120 tons and 100.6 meters of height and the flag measuring 50 by 28.6 meters and weighing 230 kilograms (this is double the size of most other monumental flags) this place is a very attractive landmark for tourists as well as for locals.[1]

Some important days are celebrated with special ceremonies such as the Flag Day, the Independence Day (September 16) and the Army Day; this special ceremonies sometimes include lighting shows, fireworks and artistic performances like regional dances, musicals and concerts.

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