Mirae Scientists Street

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Mirae Scientists Street
Mirae Scientists Street - Nordkorea 2015 - Pjöngjang (22971791331).jpg
Korean name
Chosŏn'gŭl 미래과학자거리
Hancha 未來科學者거리
Revised Romanization Mirae Gwahakja Geori
McCune–Reischauer Mirae Kwahakcha Kŏri

Mirae Scientists street (Future Scientists street) is a newly developed area in Pyongyang to house scientific institutions of the Kim Chaek University of Technology and their employees.[1] The six-lane street, located between Pyongyang Railway station and the Taedong river,[2] is lined by high rise apartments. The area was formally opened at November 3, 2015.[3]

The tallest building is the 53-story blue Mirae Unha Tower. The street is designed to emphasize Kim Jong-un's focus on science and technology, built around the regime's nuclear weapons development.[4]


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Coordinates: 38°59′45″N 125°44′24″E / 38.9959°N 125.7401°E / 38.9959; 125.7401