Miran Vodovnik

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Miran Vodovnik in 2010.

Miran Vodovnik (born 11 September 1977) is a Slovenian shot putter. His personal best throw and Slovene record is 20.76 metres, achieved in June 2006 in Thessaloniki.

He finished eleventh at the 2004 Olympic Games, seventh at the 2007 European Indoor Championships and sixth at the 2007 World Championships. He also competed at the 2003 World Championships and 2005 World Championships and the 2008 Olympic Games without reaching the final.

Competition record[edit]

Year Competition Venue Position Event Notes
Representing  Slovenia
1995 European Junior Championships Nyíregyháza, Hungary 15th (q) Shot put 15.21 m
1996 World Junior Championships Sydney, Australia 13th (q) Shot put 16.49 m
19th (q) Discus 47.90 m
1999 European U23 Championships Gothenburg, Sweden 17th (q) Shot put 17.10 m
2003 World Championships Paris, France 22nd (q) Shot put 19.23 m
2004 World Indoor Championships Budapest, Hungary 12th (q) Shot put 19.83 m
Olympic Games Athens, Greece 10th Shot put 19.34 m
2005 European Indoor Championships Madrid, Spain 15th (q) Shot put 19.01 m
Mediterranean Games Almería, Spain 4th Shot put 19.21 m
World Championships Helsinki, Finland 18th (q) Shot put 19.28 m
2006 World Indoor Championships Moscow, Russia 13th (q) Shot put 19.37 m
2007 European Indoor Championships Birmingham, United Kingdom 6th Shot put 19.46 m
World Championships Osaka, Japan 5th Shot put 20.67 m
2008 World Indoor Championships Valencia, Spain 10th (q) Shot put 19.80 m
Olympic Games Beijing, China 20th (q) Shot put 19.81 m
2009 European Indoor Championships Turin, Italy 9th (q) Shot put 19.56 m
World Championships Berlin, Germany 7th Shot put 20.50 m
2010 World Indoor Championships Doha, Qatar 14th (q) Shot put 19.82 m
European Championships Barcelona, Spain 19th (q) Shot put 18.42 m
2011 European Indoor Championships Paris, France 17th (q) Shot put 18.76 m