Albay Bikol language

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Albay Bikol
Native to Philippines
Region Bicol
Native speakers
1.9 million (2000 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 bhkinclusive code
Individual codes:
ubl – Buhi'non Bikol
lbl – Libon Bikol
rbl – Miraya Bikol
fbl – West Albay Bikol
Glottolog alba1269[2]

Albay Bikol, or simply Albayanon is a group of languages and one of the three languages that compose Inland Bikol. It is spoken in the southwestern coast of Albay and northwestern Sorsogon (Pio Duran, Jovellar). The region is bordered by the Coastal Bikol and Rinconada Bikol or Riŋkonāda speakers. The latter is the closest language of Albay Bikol and is mutually intelligible. They are both included in Inland Bikol group of languages.

Albay Bikol is the only sub-group of the Inland Bikol group with several languages with in it. The member languages in this sub-grouping lack stressed syllables, rare, if there is, and that makes them different and unique from other Bikol languages. The said feature of Albay Bikol is comparable to French language that rarely use stressed syllables.

Dialectal variation[edit]

"Were you there at the market for a long time?" translated into Albay Bikol languages, Coastal Bikol and Rinconada Bikol or Riŋkonāda.

Coastal Bikol Buhinon Libon Oasnon/West Miraya Daraga/East Miraya Rinconada Bikol or Riŋkonāda
Nahaloy ka duman sa saodan? Naәgәy ika adto sa saran? Nauban ika adto sa saod? Naәlәy ka idto sa sәd? Naulay ka didto sa saran? Naәban ikā sadtō sāran?

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