Miraz's Castle

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Castle of Caspian
Miraz's Castle
The Chronicles of Narnia location
Created by C. S. Lewis
Genre Juvenile fantasy
Type Castle
Notable characters King Miraz
Prince Caspian
Lord Glozelle
Lord Sopespian
Queen Prunaprismia
First appearance Prince Caspian

The Castle of Caspian, also known as Miraz's Castle, was home to the early Telmarine Dynasty (the "Caspians") of the country of Narnia. The castle was built by Caspian VI and was home to him and his successors, including Caspian VII and Caspian VIII.[citation needed] The last permanent ruler of the palace by the name of "Caspian" was Caspian IX, who was murdered and succeeded by his brother Miraz. After Miraz was murdered at the Second Battle of Beruna, Caspian X may have lived in it briefly as king before rebuilding Cair Paravel and making it his new palace.[citation needed]

It is never mentioned what happened to Queen Prunaprismia or her baby son after Miraz's death.

The castle is featured in Prince Caspian.