Mirbach Palace

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Mirbach Palace

Mirbach Palace (Slovak: Mirbachov palác) is a Rococo-style palace in the Old Town, Bratislava, built from 1768 to 1770 for Bratislava (then Pressburg) brewer Michal Spech.[1] The palace is named after its last owner, Count Emil Mirbach.[1] Count Emil Mirbach was shot in 1945 by the invading Russians and the palace was expropriated along with the contained Mirbach's art collections. The palace was completely renovated in 1975 and made a seat of the Bratislava City Gallery. It houses Central European baroque painting and sculptures exhibition (link) and temporary exhibitions.


Coordinates: 48°08′42″N 17°06′28″E / 48.14500°N 17.10778°E / 48.14500; 17.10778