Mirboo North railway line

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Mirboo North
TypeV/Line passenger service
StatusTrack dismantled along entire length, reservation excavated for coal operation between Morwell and Hazlewood, rail trail from Boolarra to Mirboo North.
Opened10 April 1885 (Morwell to Boolarra),[2]

8 September 1885 (Boolarra to Darlimurla),[2]

7 January 1886 (Darlimurla to Mirboo North).[2]
Closed24 June 1974 (Morwell to Mirboo North) [1]
Line length32.19 km (20 mi)
Number of tracksSingle
Route map

Distances from Southern Cross station
Gippsland line
at Morwell station
SECV Interconnecting Railway
narrow gauge Morwell–Yallourn
149.85 km
155.93 km
Mirboo Coal Company
163.62 km
170.91 km
176.58 km
Mirboo North

The Mirboo North railway line was a country branch line, in Victoria, Australia. The Mirboo North line branched from the main Gippsland line at Morwell station, and opened in 3 stages from 1885 to 1886. The main stops along the line were Hazelwood, Yinnar, Boolarra, Darlimurla and Mirboo North.

Trestle bridge between Boolarra and Darlimurla

It remained in continuous service until the entire line was closed in 1974. The section between Boolarra and Mirboo North has been converted into the Grand Ridge Rail Trail.[3] Part of the right of way between Morwell junction and Hazelwood has been consumed by the coal mine.


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