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PronunciationRomanian: [ˈmirt͡ʃe̯a] or [ˈmirt͡ʃa]
Other names
Related namesMirče, Miroslav

Mircea is a Romanian given name, a form of the South Slavic[1] name Mirče (Мирче) that derives from the Slavic word mir,[2] meaning 'peace'. It may refer to:


Princes of Wallachia[edit]


  • Mircea Albulescu, professional name of Iorgu Constantin Albulescu (1934–2016), Romanian actor, university professor, journalist, poet and writer
  • Mircea Badea (born 1974), Romanian political satirist, television host, media critic, radio personality and occasional actor
  • Mircea Baniciu (born 1949), Romanian musician, singer and songwriter
  • Mircea Brînzea (born 1986), Romanian aerobic gymnast
  • Mircea Cărtărescu (born 1956), Romanian poet, novelist, literary critic and essayist
  • Mircea Ciumara (1943–2012), Romanian politician and former cabinet minister
  • Mircea Coșea (born 1942), Romanian politician, economist, diplomat, essayist, journalist and professor
  • Mircea Costache II (1940–2016), Romanian handball player and coach
  • Mircea Crișan (1924–2013), Romanian comedian and comedic actor
  • Mircea Damian (1899–1948), Romanian writer and journalist
  • Mircea Daneliuc (born 1943), Romanian film director, screenwriter and actor
  • Mircea David (1914–1993), Romanian football goalkeeper
  • Mircea Demetriade (1861–1914), Romanian poet, playwright and actor
  • Mircea Diaconu (born 1949), Romanian actor and politician
  • Mircea Dinescu (born 1950), Romanian poet, journalist and editor
  • Mircea Druc (born 1949), Moldovan and Romanian politician, Prime Minister of Moldova between 1990 and 1991
  • Mircea Drăgan (born 1932), Romanian film director
  • Mircea Dușa (born 1955), Romanian economist and politician
  • Mircea Eliade (1907–1986), Romanian historian of religion, fiction writer, philosopher and professor
  • Mircea Florian (1888–1960), Romanian philosopher and translator
  • Mircea Florian (musician) (born 1949), Romanian musician, multimedia artist and computer scientist
  • Mircea Frăţică (born 1957), Romanian retired judoka
  • Mircea Fulger (born 1959), Romanian retired boxer
  • Mircea Geoană (born 1958), Romanian politician
  • Mircea Gesticone (1902–1961), Romanian novelist and poet
  • Mircea Grosaru (1952–2014), Romanian politician
  • Mircea Ionescu-Quintus (born 1917), Romanian politician and Minister of Justice from 1991 to 1992
  • Mircea Irimescu (born 1959), Romanian retired footballer
  • Mircea Lucescu (born 1945), Romanian football manager and former player
  • Mircea Monroe (born 1982), American model and actress
  • Mircea Mustaţă (born 1971), Romanian mathematician
  • Mircea Nedelciu (1950–1999), Romanian short-story writer, novelist, essayist and literary critic
  • Mircea Oltean (born 1982), Romanian former football goalkeeper
  • Mircea Oprea (born 1980), Romanian former footballer
  • Mircea Păcurariu (born 1932), Romanian theologian, historian and Romanian Orthodox priest
  • Mircea Pârligras (born 1980), Romanian chess Grandmaster
  • Mircea Răceanu (born 1935), Romanian diplomat
  • Mircea Rednic (born 1962), Romanian football manager and former player
  • Mircea Romaşcanu (born 1953), Romanian former cyclist
  • Mircea Rus (born 1978), Romanian former footballer
  • Mircea Sasu (1939–1983), Romanian footballer
  • Mircea Şimon (born 1954), Romanian retired heavyweight boxer
  • Mircea Snegur (born 1940), first President of Moldova (1990–1997), Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet (1989–1990) and Chairman of the Supreme Soviet in 1990
  • Mircea Streinul (1910–1945), Austro-Hungarian-born Romanian prose writer and poet
  • Mircea Veroiu (1941–1997), Romanian film director and screenwriter
  • Mircea Voicu (born 1980), Romanian former footballer
  • Mircea Vulcănescu (1904–1952), Romanian philosopher, economist, ethics teacher and sociologist arrested in 1946 and convicted as a war criminal
  • Mircea Zamfir (born 1985), Romanian aerobic gymnast

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