Mircea Badea

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Mircea Badea
Mircea Badea.jpg
Born (1974-02-24) February 24, 1974 (age 43)
Bucharest, Romania
Medium television, radio, Internet
Nationality Romanian
Alma mater Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies
Years active 1992–present
Genres Satire/political satire/news satire
Subject(s) Mass media/news media/Media criticism, Romanian politics, current events, religion, race relations, human sexuality, self-deprecation
Partner(s) Carmen Brumă
Notable works and roles Bună dimineaţa, România (Good morning, Romania) (co-host with Teo Trandafir, 1994–1997)
Dimineaţa devreme (Early Morning)
(co-host with Teo Trandafir, 1997–2000)
Teo şi Mircea Şou (Teo & Mircea Show) (co-host with Teo Trandafir, 1997–2000)
Noaptea Târziu (Late Night) (co-host with Oreste Scarlat Teodorescu) (2000-2002)
În Gura Presei (The Talk of The Press) (host, 2004-present)
Website http://mircea-badea.ro/

Mircea Radu Badea (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈmirt͡ʃe̯a ˈradu ˈbade̯a]; born February 24, 1974 in Bucharest) is a Romanian political satirist, television host, media critic, radio personality and occasional actor. He is widely known as host of În gura presei (The Talk of The Press) a show based on the daily news, that airs on Antena 3.

Badea started as a radio host, but later branched into television as a co-host of the Tele 7 abc Bună dimineața, România (Good Morning, Romania) morning show. Together with Bună dimineața, România co-host Teo Trandafir, he went on to work for the Intact Media Group and host a show on Antena 1, called Dimineaţa devreme (Early morning), and then hosted another show on Antena 1 called Teo şi Mircea Şou (Teo & Mircea Show). He has also had several film roles as an actor. Badea became the host of În gura presei on Antena 3 in late 2004. Together with longtime friend Călin Stanciu, he is a co-executive-producer of the show. After Badea started În gura presei, he steadily gained popularity and critical acclaim, which also led to enduring controversy and resentment amongst various Romanian media personalities.

Badea has gained significant acclaim as an acerbic, satirical critic of Romanian politics and Romanian media outlets, in particular the coverage of Realitatea TV, Evenimentul Zilei or România Liberă. In spite of its self-professed satire mandate, În Gura Presei and Badea himself have been nominated for a number of entertainment, news and journalism awards.

Early life[edit]

Badea was born in 1974 in Bucharest and attended the Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science in the early 90s. After graduating, he enrolled as a computer science student at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. Jana Gheorghiu, a very well known Romanian journalist and a family friend, got him his first job as a radio host in the early 90s.

In 2009 he won an APTR (Romanian Association for Television Programs) award, category "One Man Show".[1]


Throughout his career, Mircea Badea has made cameos in various Romanian movies. He mentioned his role in the 1999 Sergiu Nicolaescu-directed Triunghiul morţii (Death Triangle) saying he appeared in the movie because he had serious financial difficulties and was in need of money.[2]

  • Oglinda (1993)
  • Triunghiul morţii (1999)
  • Pitici şi tătici (TV series) - 2003
  • Milionari de weekend (2004)
  • Live (2015)

Political stance[edit]

He is a frequent critic of president Traian Băsescu, who in turn made a video clip ridiculing Badea. The video clip begins with president Basescu saying "it's raining outside", followed by a long diatribe of an actor looking like Badea complaining that the rain is supported by taxpayers' money.[3] Badea aired a response the same day, which turned the satire on its head by asking a long series of politically inconvenient questions for the president, to which the "it's raining outside" presidential non-answer is played back.[4] The exchange has received widespread media coverage.[5][6]


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