Mircea III Dracul

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Mircea III Dracul
Prince of Wallachia
Reign 1509–1510 (co-regent w/ father 1509)
Predecessor Mihnea cel Rău
Born Wallachia, Romania
Spouse Maria Despina
Issue Alexandru II Mircea,
Peter the Lame
House Drăculeşti
Father Mihnea cel Rău
Mother Voica

Mircea III Dracul was Hospodar of Wallachia in 1510. He was married to Maria Despina and was the father of Alexandru II Mircea and Peter the Lame, and grandfather of Mihnea Turcitul and great-grandfather of Radu Mihnea. His father was Mihnea cel Rău and mother, Mihnea's second wife, Voica. He was the grandson of Vlad III Dracula (Vlad Țepeș). It is known that Mircea was a physically strong and brutal man since he had caught some of the boyars involved in his father's assassination, and killed them with his bare hands.

Preceded by
Mihnea cel Rău
Prince of Wallachia
Succeeded by
Vlad al V-lea cel Tânăr