Mircea Vodă, Constanța

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Mircea Vodă
Coat of arms of Mircea Vodă
Coat of arms
Mircea Vodă is located in Romania
Mircea Vodă
Mircea Vodă
Location of Mircea Vodă, Constanța
Coordinates: 44°16′39″N 28°10′18″E / 44.27750°N 28.17167°E / 44.27750; 28.17167Coordinates: 44°16′39″N 28°10′18″E / 44.27750°N 28.17167°E / 44.27750; 28.17167
Country Romania
CountyConstanța County
Component villagesMircea Vodă, Gherghina, Satu Nou, Țibrinu
 • MayorGeorge Ionașcu (Social Democratic Party)
 • Total70.89 km2 (27.37 sq mi)
Population (2011[1])
 • TotalDecrease4,763
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Mircea Vodă is a commune in Constanța County, Northern Dobruja, Romania.


At the 2011 census, Mircea Vodă had 4,727 Romanians (99.24%), 28 Roma (0.59%), 6 Turks (0.13%), 2 others (0.04%).[1]


Settlement in the area dates back at least to the time of the Roman Empire. In a place that the local Turks called "Acşandemir Tabiasi", a 10th-century castrum was found, which has a stone vallum. A Slavic inscription found in this place mentions a certain "Jupan Dimitrie" and the year 943.[2]


The following villages belong to the commune:

  • Mircea Vodă (historical name: Celebichioi or Celibichioi, Turkish: Çelebiköy) - named after Mircea I of Wallachia
  • Gherghina (historical name: Defcea, Turkish: Devce)
  • Satu Nou (historical name: Enichioi, Turkish: Yeniköy)
  • Țibrinu (historical name: Ceabacu)

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