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Mirela Roznoveanu is a literary critic, writer, and journalist who has published novels, literary criticism, essays, and poetry. She was a noted dissident journalist during the turbulent period of communist Romania's late eighties.[1]

She holds an MA in Romance Languages from University of Bucharest (1970), a master's degree in Information Science magna cum laude and Beta Phi Mu from New York City's Pratt Institute (1996), and a Certificate in Internet Technologies - New York University (1997.)

After the refusal to attend the Communist Academy "Stefan Gheorghiu" she was fired in 1974 from the literary and cultural magazine "Tomis" in Constanta where she had been a senior columnist. https://web.archive.org/web/20160302163658/http://tulcealibrary.ro/roznoveanu-mirela.itd In 1975 she moved to Bucharest where she contributed to the Romanian Television, as a free-lance TV host and producer; between 1978 and 1989 she worked as a senior columnist for the cultural magazine "Magazin", published by the "Romania Libera" newspaper; in April 1989, during the process of the journalists from the "Bacanu Group", she had been investigated by the Securitate, moved and punished to work as a " health worker"; her books and writing were banned http://www.corectnews.com/arts/un-sfert-de-secol-de-pres-postcomunist-analize-note-comentarii-evalu-ri-0 (5. Grupul "Romania Libera" bulverseaza Securitatea si Sectia de presa a CC al PCR). She had been part of the dissident group of journalists who took over the "Romania libera" newspaper from the hands of the Communist government in 23 December 1989, making it the first independent and anti-communist newspaper in Romania. She became a senior columnist, member in the board of directors, and a founder member of the "R" Company SRL. http://archive-ro-2014.com/open-archive/4468824/2014-08-23/http://www.edituracartex.ro/component/content/article/37-carti-noi/64-premiul-qlucian-blagaq-al-academiei-romane-pentru-civilizatia-romanului-de-mirela-roznoveanu-.html She had been also a founder member of Alianta Civica,the most important post-revolution pro-democracy group.[2]

In 1991, she moved to the U.S. where she has continued her writing career. She had been a tenured, full-time faculty member of the NYU School of Law (Associate Curator:[3] International and Foreign Law Librarian, 1996–2013). From 2005-2015 she had been the Founder and the Editor of Globalex http://www.nyulawglobal.org/globalex as Adjunct Associate Curator with the NYU Hauser Global Law School Program and the Honorary Editor (2015-).

On December 2000, Mirela Roznoveanu was honored by outgoing President of Romania Emil Constantinescu, for exceptional contributions from abroad in the service of Romanian culture and democracy. Mirela has been named an Officer of the National Order for Faithful Service.[4]

Her book The Civilization of the Novel: A History of Fiction Writing from Ramayana to Don Quixote received the 2008 Award of the Romanian Society of Comparative Literature and the 2008 Award of the Romanian Academy.http://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-cultura-8130507-premiile-academiei-romane-anul-2008.htm Read more on her personal web page https://wp.nyu.edu/mroznoveanu/

Interview: Mirela Roznoveanu's Four Decades of Professional Writing: A Dialog with Vladimir Wertsman for Multicultural Review https://archive.is/20130416134745/http://vetiver.weblog.ro/2011/11/29/mirela-roznoveanu%E2%80%99s-four-decades-of-professional-writing-a-dialog-with-vladimir-wertsman-for-multicultural-review/%23axzz1fzZVzDe0

She was rewarded in 2013 the AALL-FCIL SIS award http://www.law.nyu.edu/news/Mirela-Roznovschi-AALL-award

She won in 2015 the Reynolds & Flores Publication Award http://www.aallnet.org/sections/fcil/grants-awards/Awards/Docs-Vault/Reynolds-and-Flores-Publication-Award.html


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  • Life On the Run. A novel. Xlibris, 2018. Translation from the Romanian of Viata pe Fuga.


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PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP & ACTIVITIES:American Association of Law Libraries; American Society of International Law; Beta Phi Mu Honor Society – Chapter Theta; Member of the Romanian Writers Guild (1990–); Member of the Academy of American Poets.

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