Miriam Hadar Weingarten

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Miriam Hadar Weingarten
Miriam Hadar - Miss Israel 1958.jpg
Miriam Hadar in Jerusalem as Miss Israel
Miriam Hadar

Other namesMira Weingarten
TitleMiss Israel 1958
Spouse(s)Jack Weingarten (2 children)
Akiva Nof (1 daughter)
Children3 (including Lea Fastow)
RelativesAndrew Fastow (son in law)

Miriam Hadar Weingarten is an Israeli beauty pageant winner, journalist and lawyer.

Hadar-Weingarten was born in Jerusalem, Israel. She did her military service in the Israeli Air Force while studying law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. At age 21 Hadar-Weingarten won the title of Beauty Queen of Jerusalem and Beauty Queen of Israel. She represented Israel in the Miss Universe pageant, where she placed among the finalists and won the trophy for the Best Speech. After this experience, she embarked on a three-year government-sponsored lecture tour throughout the US and Canada.

Upon returning to Israel, Hadar-Weingarten was a writer and editor for 17 years on the staff of the newspapers Ha'aretz and Ma'ariv, where she reported on the government and Knesset. Her first husband was the Jewish Texan Jack Weingarten of the Weingarten's supermarket chain and she had two children with him and in parallel to growth her children she began study cinema at Tel Aviv University. after her divorce she married to Member of Knesset Akiva Nof and she gave birth a daughter, Ayelet. she began to teach at Tel Aviv University and later she emigrated to New York. In the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Hadar-Weingarten was the first woman to cross the Suez Canal into Egypt with the Israeli Armed Forces. To get to the front lines - ordinarily forbidden to women - she disguised herself as a man, wearing a helmet, boots and male uniform. She recorded the bitter fighting and bloody horrors throughout the war.

Hadar-Weingarten now lives in New York, where she works in real estate. She received the Real Estate Board of New York Residential Deal Award.

Her daughter, Lea, married Andrew Fastow of Enron infamy.[1]


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