Miriam Toukan

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Miriam Toukan
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Background information
Birth nameMiriam Toukan (Arabic: مريم طوقان)
BornI'billin, Israel
Occupation(s)Singer, composer, lawyer, and peace activist

Miriam Toukan (also known as Miriam Tukan,[1][2] Arabic: مريم طوقان‎, Hebrew: מרים טוקאן) is a Christian Arab singer from the Israeli village I'billin.[3]

She has performed at festivals including the Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival,[4] and her project Quartetoukan.[5] She has also participated in marches for peace with other women singers and activists in Spain,[6] Germany,[7] Brazil,[8] and Italy.[9]

In 2012, she performed an Arabic version of Fun's song "We Are Young".[10] From 2013 to the present, she is the leader of Quartetoukan, a musical project that aims to unite cultures and people through music.


  • 2008: Christmas Eve
  • 2011: Miriam Toukan


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